2018 BNI Indonesian Masters Winner Poom Saksansin


Panasonic SWING





Maybank Championship March 21 to 24, 2019 Saujana Golf and Country Club


2019 Panasonic OPEN Golf Championship September 26 to 29, 2019 Higashihirono Golf Club

2018 Thailand OPEN

The Panasonic SWING is competition to accumulate the most points during a tour through 5 countries in Asia. This competition’s second season has begun at the 2018 Thailand OPEN.

On the third day, 25-year-old Panuphol Pittayarat stood alone at that front of the pack in his native Thailand, taking his second Asian Tour victory in a top five completely dominated by Thai players. Of the Japanese players, Daisuke Kataoka scored the highest, with 1-under-par for a 30th place finish.

In the Panasonic SWING rankings, Pittayarat holds 1st with 1800 points. As the highest ranking local player in the Thai portion of the tour, he has also earned a place at the Panasonic OPEN Japan competition planned for 2019.

Photo: Panuphol Pittayarat

Dates: June 7 to 10, 2018
Location: Thai Country Club
Winner: Panuphol Pittayarat

2018 Thailand Open
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2018 Thailand Open

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2018 Panasonic OPEN INDIA

The Panasonic OPEN INDIA is the 2nd Panasonic SWING tournament. Tied at the end of the third day, Khalin Joshi (India) and Siddikur Rahman (Bangladesh) battled it out to on the final day. With a birdie on the 18th hole, 26-year-old Joshi came from behind on his home turf to score his first Asian Tour victory. Rahman finished a stroke behind in second place.

As the top-scoring Indian player, Joshi has earned the right to compete in the Panasonic OPEN tournament planned for 2019 in Japan. Among the Japanese players Yutaka Araki finished in a 10th place tie with a score of 10-under par. In the current Panasonic SWING rankings, Panuphol Pittayarat (Thailand), who won the Thai competition in June, added 38.0 points to his score with his 52nd place finish to keep his overall 1st place position. Khalin Joshi’s victory in India earned him 1800 points, bringing him to 2nd place, while Rahman took home 1136.0 points to land in 3rd.

Photo: Khalin Joshi

Dates: October 25 to 28, 2018
Location: Delhi Golf Club
Winner: Khalin Joshi

2018 Panasonic OPEN INDIA
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2018 Panasonic OPEN INDIA
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2018 BNI Indonesian Masters

The BNI Indonesian Masters was held as the 3rd Panasonic SWING tournament in Jakarta. 144 players, including Justin Rose (England), defending champion and gold medalist at the Rio Olympic Games, and silver medalist Henrik Stenson (Sweden), went for the victory of the final tournament on the Asian Tour for the 2018 season. Shugo Imahira, the winner of the Japan Golf Tour Organization Money List in 2018, played against top overseas pros along with other 4 Japanese contenders.

After shooting to victory in the 2016 tournament, Poom Saksansin (Thailand) kept his lead with three strokes at the end of the second day, winning with 20 under par. He also topped the Panasonic SWING rankings with a total of 2900.0 points. Panuphol Pittayarat (Thailand), who won the Panasonic SWING competition in Thailand, and Khalin Joshi (India), the winner of Panasonic OPEN INDIA, also boosted their totals, following Saksansin with 2468.0 points and 1867.0 points respectively.

Danny Masrin, the highest scorer from the host country with 64th tie finish, got the right to compete in the Panasonic OPEN tournament will be held on September, 2019 in Japan.

Photo: Poom Saksansin

Dates: December 13 to 16, 2018
Location: Royale Jakarta Golf Club
Winner: Poom Saksansin

2018 BNI Indonesian Masters
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2018 BNI Indonesian Masters
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