Brand Slogan

A Better Life, A Better World

The brand slogan is a concise expression of the brand promise. It is a short phrase that indicates our vision and direction as we expand from BtoC into the BtoB and BtoBtoC fields, while preparing to mark Panasonic's 100th anniversary in 2018. It reminds us what is important and how we need to change.

It encapsulates Panasonic's vision of expanding and pursuing a better life for each individual customer with our various partners in various spaces and fields, such as the home, the community, in business, in travel and in the car, and realizing a better world globally through our contribution to the environment and other activities, in both our BtoC and BtoB businesses, while carrying forth our "consumer electronics DNA" of being close to our customers' lives.

"Life" and "World" in the Brand Slogan

"Life" is part of Panasonic's DNA. Since our founding, we have been mainly involved in making home appliances that provide better lives for customers. However, we are now in an era when this alone is no longer sufficient to serve people and society. It is now necessary for us to expand our business to the entire "World", namely living spaces found everywhere, including home, community, business, travel, and car. "Life" represents our BtoC initiatives for homes and personal care, while "World" represents our BtoB endeavors such as non-residential and mobile spaces.

"Better" Used Twice to Modify "Life" and "World"

The word "Better" reminds us of the importance of striving for improvement every day in our business activities, by always aiming to create better value based on changing needs. "A Better Life" means exactly that-making life better for each and every customer. "A Better World" means creating a better world, the world our BtoB customers aspire to.

Use of "A" in "A Better Life, A Better World"

The inclusion of two A's in the slogan reminds us that we need to thoroughly consider individual customers. This means that in order to achieve our aim of a truly better life and world, we need to constantly evolve by changing with the times and with the needs of individual customers.