Brand Story

In pursuit of "A Better Life, A Better World," Panasonic is forging ahead in a variety of fields. See for yourself the power and diversity of this advance.

This is a story of passion and commitment spanning two years, all with the goal of making football stadiums a safe and welcoming place for families and fans of all ages.

The “Make-up Sheet” is an ultra-thin sheet that can be applied to the face to conceal spots and freckles in one go. This innovative technology was realized by integrating Panasonic’s various technologies.

Panasonic’s diverse collection of advanced technologies & solutions can be found throughout your Home, Business, Town and around the World. Follow along as our Brand Video showcases our never-ending pursuit of “A Better Life, A Better World.”

We have been taking action to realize a carbon-free Hydrogen society.

Panasonic's energy technologies will change the lives of people in off-grid communities around the world.

Innovative manufacturing -- from product to product