Brand Story

The employees of Panasonic are enthusiastically taking on a host of social issues to bring “A Better Life, A Better World" to fruition. Here you can enjoy stories that convey their passion and ingenuity.

Get an inside look into the development of Panasonic's Make-up Sheet, a new wrinkle that makes the application of cosmetics one-touch easy.

Learn how Panasonic's corporate cafeterias are helping to preserve marine resources for future generations with innovative new menu items.

Read about Panasonic's ongoing efforts to ensure a steady supply of produce year-round, regardless of the prevailing climate.

Panasonic's India Innovation Centre has developed a location information service to help ensure the safety of the people and things we value most.

Learn how Panasonic is providing valuable impetus for progress in recycling with its "recycling-oriented manufacturing" initiative.

See how Panasonic's engineers in China are leveraging the deodorizing power of nanoe™ technology to deal with stubborn odors in clothing.

Panasonic’s diverse collection of advanced technologies & solutions can be found throughout your Home, Business, Town and around the World. Follow along as our Brand Video showcases our never-ending pursuit of “A Better Life, A Better World.”

We have been taking action to realize a carbon-free Hydrogen society.