RiSuPia Enjoy Science & Mathematics!

To visitors

Panasonic Center TOKYO will be reopening RiSuPia from Tuesday , July 21th.

Opening date : Tuesday , July 21th.
Opening time:10:00~17:00
*The closing time is now 17:00 for the time being.
Closed:on Mondays

Panasonic Center TOKYO is working on maintaining the hygienic environment of the facility, so that visitors can come without any worries.
When coming to the facility, we would like to ask for your cooperation in the prevention of infection. Please make sure to wear a mask and use the alcoholic disinfectant installed at the entrance, and also keep sufficient distance with other visitors.
For more information, please check the notices below.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your kind understanding.

The world is filled with wonder. Enjoy science and mathematics!

The beauty of arithmetic and mathematics hidden in nature.
The fun in natural science in daily life.
RiSuPia is a hands-on museum that enables you to experience the fascination of science and mathematics.
Let's set out on a journey to discover the wonders of science and mathematics!
On this journey, you'll learn the principles and rules of science and mathematics while having fun along the way.