Business Initiatives

Following are the business initiatives in which Panasonic is engaging.

Consumer Electronics

Aspire to more To the lifestyle we all desire

Cooking appliances which unite the culture and technology of Japan with cultures around the world, creating products worth aspiring for.

From Professional workplaces to home living rooms, A/V technology to maximize beautiful images.

Brimming with confidence, shining on the inside. Beauty appliances to support women’s beauty.


Homes & Living - Offering inspiring homes and living spaces

Providing a broad array of appliances and services, building a home to meet your needs.

Smartly conserving energy, bringing in the next generation of housing facilities and power transmission infrastructure.

Age-free supports safe and independent living for the elderly in our aging society.


Become an integral supplier of “Comfort”,“Safety” and “Environment”

Fully enjoy your ride. Cutting-edge car electronics for the comfortable driving society of the future.

Combining the top technologies into solutions to provide safety and peace of mind for your ride.

Developing electronic components and vehicle batteries to achieve efficient, high-performance clean energy.


Leverage core products to offer better living with our partners

Our Factory Solution Section supports manufacturing to benefit all types of businesses.

With cold chains at the center, retail solutions to achieve energy-saving and greenhouse gas reduction.