Ultimate picture quality, true to the filmmakers’ vision

Since the release of black and white televisions in 1952, television’s popularity has exploded, pushing the development of new technology and the globalization of manufacturing in order to keep up with demand. As a pioneer, Panasonic has led the television evolution through colorization, digitization, the transition to flat panels, and to higher resolutions.

And now, Panasonic is developing a “4K World” to provide end-to-end Ultra HD solutions. Utilizing technology inspired and refined by its professional divisions, Panasonic is working to deliver an unprecedented levels of visual experience to the home.

In Collaboration with Hollywood

For years, Panasonic has been actively engaged in the research and development of visual image processing technologies. As one of the world’s most prominent end-to-end solution manufacturers, Panasonic has developed technologies for all points in the entertainment eco-system, from recording and authoring, through to display.

The Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory focuses on digital cinema support to realize the creative ideas of exacting top film creators. With theaters that support 4K color grading, renowned directors of photography and filmmakers can easily visit the open lab. Working side-by-side with filmmakers, Panasonic continues its research on cutting edge cinema technology such as 4K/HDR, and screens the results in high resolution on Panasonic televisions.

Photo: An external view of the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory

Realism in Video, Rendered by Ingenious Processors

The driving force behind our latest 4K OLED television (EZ1000) is the Studio Colour HCX2 Processor. The processor incorporates all the technology and knowhow of Panasonic long years of refining TVs and professional broadcasting equipment to deliver the most accurate and detailed HDR picture, both in bright and dark areas.

The television, which has undergone strict inspection of over 600 points to receive THX 4K Certification, faithfully depicts the intent of the content creators, allowing viewers to appreciate the realism of the image.

Designed to support the viewing experience and harmonize with the living space

Panasonic aspires to create designs which harmonize with your interiors. The OLED television (CZ950), available only in the European market, pursued an interior design aesthetic by adopting a suede-like texture on its backplate. This well-received design ensured that it would be seen as a beautiful piece when viewed from any angle.

With design to blend in with the home and harmonize with living spaces, Panasonic is providing a more beautiful viewing experience.

Triple Reference Award

Panasonic’s TV picture quality is widely acknowledged. For example, Panasonic became the first ever TV manufacturer to receive ‘reference’-level awards from leading Europe AV magazines for three completely different panel technologies: OLED, LCD, and Plasma ( 2016 LCD DX900; 2015 OLED CZ950; and 2013 plasma VT65). This is a testament to Panasonic’s image processing technology and knowhow, which transcends panel technology.

4K World: Expanding the possibilities of 4K

With its visual image technology at the center, Panasonic is developing its 4K World to bring the benefits of 4K to the home. With a 4K television in the living room, it’s possible to enjoy deep shadows and vibrant colors to their fullest. With 4K camcorders, it’s possible to record precious memories exactly as we experience them. Furthermore, you can capture unexpected scenes and those perfect moments with 4K Photo functionalities.

What’s more, when connected to the internet, it’s possible to enjoy content like movies, dramas, variety shows, and gourmet programs in beautiful 4K with powerful audio.

From professional studios to home living rooms, Panasonic delivers the most accurate picture quality available on a consumer-grade TV.

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