Working toward an energy-efficient society

Good for the environment, comfortable to live in A clean energy system for high efficiency and low energy consumption

Electricity powers our daily lives. Our task is to maximize its benefits, while carefully considering pollution. How might we not only reduce our consumption of energy, but also use it efficiently and comfortably?

Panasonic is devoted to the development of technologies and systems for providing energy and controlling our entire spaces: from homes, to offices, to commercial buildings.

Energy Saving and Comfortable Living through Technological Progress

In order to utilize energy efficiently, it’s necessary to understand a home’s energy consumption in real time. Over the last few years, Smart Cosmo, the electrical distribution panel equipped with current sensors, has been widely adopted, allowing homes to measure the energy consumption of each piece of equipment or appliance.

When combined with “SMARTHEMS,” which can track the amount of energy used and its changes over time and export it as data or as a graph, energy saving and energy conservation become even more efficient.

What’s more, smartphone apps utilize cutting-edge technology to provide new ways to use these products, giving users the power to control their air conditioners and window blinds even while away from home, or get advice about saving energy.

Panasonic is developing technology and systems like this, which allow users to control the amount of energy they use – not just to save energy, but to provide a more comfortable home.

Creating, Storing, and Using Energy

Home energy-storing applications used to be primarily backup electrical sources, in case of blackouts or disasters. As solar electricity technology has become more common, many homes have switched to a “self-consumption model,” allowing users to supplement their own home energy usage and making it efficient to use stored energy on a daily basis.

That’s why Panasonic led the industry in developing a “Energy Creation-storage Linked system for Home”, which creates and stores energy as necessary. It controls the supply of electricity based on how much is used, incorporating technology such as a power conditioner to convert the electricity created efficiently.

By utilizing these technologies, it will soon be possible for not just homes, but entire towns to be energy self-sufficient, thanks to the promotion of storage battery networking.


Home Energy Management

In Japan, which has low energy self-sufficiency, energy independence has been an issue for many years. Throughout the housing industry, there is a movement to make “Net Zero Energy Houses” (ZEH) and “Net Zero Energy Buildings” (ZEB) the standard by 2030.

Panasonic is working toward the realization of ZEHs by providing a wide selection of networked products: from electrical distribution panels and wiring accessories, to home generation and storage of electricity, to HEMS.

In addition, with energy-saving products to improve energy efficiency for the entire home, including high-performance insulation materials, Panasonic is actively engaged in creating living spaces that offer comfort and peace of mind while promoting energy independence.

Technology and Expertise the World Needs

Australia is the most prolific adopter of solar electricity generation, with units installed in more than 1.5 million households. As this technology is widely adopted, new issues come to light: From an infrastructure perspective, investment in the electrical grid and a change in electrical supply and demand; from a service perspective, equilibration of price. Against this backdrop in Australia, Panasonic is working on a proof-of-concept collaboration with the Australian government and power companies.

Panasonic has built a system from the ground up to control the electricity storage/generation equipment of each home from electrical company servers. Through effective utilization of surplus power, charging and discharging of distributed storage batteries and other functions, Panasonic is leading the world in providing a system to lay the groundwork of a zero-energy home and smart grid society.

By creating a clean energy system which is good for the environment, Panasonic will continue to utilize the technology and experience that it has developed to achieve a society in which people around the world can live comfortably.

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