Smart Factory Solution

Panasonic's Manufacturing Technology Supports Factories around the World

Factories are at the heart of manufacturing. And thanks to technological innovation and the introduction of new equipment, factory technology has continued to improve. Panasonic has cultivated manufacturing technology over its many years of manufacturing home electronics, on-board equipment for vehicles, and more. From development of production machinery, to improvement of production processes, to factory-wide optimization, Panasonic provides support for factories around the world.

Panasonic’s Manufacturing Knowhow Supports the Groundwork of Factories

Circuit board manufacturing processes can be broadly divided into the “mounting” and the “fabrication/completion” phases. Production machinery functions account for a large part of productivity and quality, especially in the mounting phase. Most of Panasonic’s achievements in production machinery make use of strong hardware: Chip mounters with world-class functions and productivity, systems for monitors or other peripherals, and welders/industrial robots.

What’s more, Panasonic offers not just its mounting equipment, but also its expertise about the entire factory, including pre- and post-processing and maintenance, as a total solution package. With specialized software for quality improvement and defect reduction through visualization, improved inventory management and supply efficiency, automation and labor saving, and even production plan forecasting and fluctuation response for order information and production plans, Panasonic improves the entire manufacturing process.

Panasonic uses knowhow cultivated in the manufacturing industry to support the foundations of factories.

Toward the Way a Factory Should Be (Smart Factory Solutions)

These days, manufacturing is undergoing major changes, thanks to the introduction of new technologies such as IoT (the Internet of Things) and M2M. As they become more widely adopted into factories, optimization and automation/labor saving, which had once been so difficult, are now a reality. Panasonic is engaged in creating smart factories to provide benefifits for the whole factory by combining these new technologies with its manufacturing knowhow to connect the production process and the place of operations.

On top of providing the most advanced equipment, Panasonic provides licensed specialist consultants who understand client businesses, and can propose effective system integrations. System integration adequate for solving each issue at the client's factory brings great benefits: From improvement of equipment and production processes, to centralized management through enterprise resource planning (ERP), to business improvement with the use of big data.

Supporting Advanced Factory Operation with O&M

As factory equipment and manufacturing process optimization progresses, supervision by camera and human eye just can't keep up.

Panasonic offers top-level O&M (Operations & Management) as well. In addition to providing equipment, it also provides maintenance and related services to support the operation and management side of optimized factories. For example, automation and labor-saving for remote access through IoT and M2M technology, detecting even tiny fluctuations invisible to the human eye. This makes it possible to quickly understand and deal with circumstances on the ground, even from a remote location.

A Global Manufacturing System with a Perspective from the Factory

To expand a production system to a global scale, it’s important to understand the perspective from inside the factory. The ideal high-productivity, high-quality factory depends on consideration of the lifestyle and culture of its workers, beginning with local conditions and climate.

Panasonic has developed bases of operations in areas across the world, and provides knowhow for manufacturing in local environments and circumstances. From local service provision and management, to technology introduction, Panasonic offers support primarily from four perspectives: manufacturing, service, sales, and training. By offering high-quality, standardized services for clients around the world, Panasonic supports global manufacturing systems.

Actively engaging with each of a factory’s challenges, Panasonic uses its full strength to provide total support for manufacturer clients.

Panasonic will continue to contribute to its clients’ businesses by meeting the needs of not just manufacturing, but diverse industries.

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