R&D 10-Year Vision

Creating "A Better Life, A Better World" with the Technology Ten-year Vision


Focused on Artificial intelligence, Sensing, UI / UX

AI Robotics Home Appliances

Freedom from Housework:

  • Life-data Analysis
  • Emotion Estimation
  • Recommendation
  • Automatic Cleaning / Storage


Autonomous Driving/ Commuter

No Accidents and No Congestion

  • Obstacle Detection
  • Outside-world Recognition
  • Action Plan
  • Human-state Recognition

Stores and Service Solutions

Improvement of Service Quality

  • Multilingual Speech Translation
  • Dialogue
  • Action Prediction
  • Automatic Inventory / Replenishment

Next-generation Logistics and Transport

Elimination of Labor Shortage

  • Object Recognition
  • Picking Various Objects
  • Human Collaborative Work
  • Autonomous Transportation


Focused on Storage and Hydrogen Energy

Home Energy Solutions

Creation of a Low-carbon Society

  • Next-generation Solar Battery
  • Next-generation Storage Battery System
  • V2H (Vehicle to Home)

Building and Regional Energy Solutions

Energy Diversification

  • Small-scale Distributed Power
  • Grid-connected Power Control
  • Storing Power as Hydrogen

Automotive Energy Solutions

Zero Gas-exhaust Vehicle

  • Next-generation Power Devices
  • Innovative lithium-ion Battery System
  • Non-contact Charging System