Panasonic R&D Overview

A Better Life, A Better World

"Develop people before making products"
The founder Konosuke Matsushita spoke these words.
"A company is its people. No business will grow without securing the proper personnel "
In the past and in the future, what moves the world is nothing other than "people."

We have things to accomplish.
We have responsibilities to fulfill.
There are things that can only be done by Panasonic, which has been developing and
expanding worldwide products and services by always staying close to our customers’ lives.

Our mission is to embody the desires of people around the world making further contributions
toward creating an ideal society and lifestyles while solving global social issues.

Panasonic will contribute to meet various challenges with its people and technologies.

R&D Organization
Look ahead to the “Future,” keep taking on challenges.

Image of organization divided into 8 categories. 1. Innovation Promotion Sector and Professional Business Support Sector, 2. Appliances Company, 3. Life Solutions Company, 4. Connected Solutions Company, 5. Automotive Company, 6. Industrial Solutions Company, 7. China & Northeast Asia Company, 8. US Company. Details of R&D Organization are below.

Corporate Strategy and Technology Sector

Technology Strategy Group

Technology Planning Office

Business Development Office

Technology Division

  • Digital & AI Technology Center
  • Applied Materials Technology Center
  • Product Security Center

Manufacturing Innovation Division

  • Production Engineering And Green Technology Laboratory
  • Manufacturing Solution Center
  • Mold & Die Technology Center
  • Advanced Production System Development Center

Platform Division

  • Lifestyle Foundational Technology Center
  • Energy Business Development Office

Product Analysis Center

• Design Division

China & Northeast Asia Company

Engineering & Quality Division

  • Fundamental Technology Development Department
  • IoT Development Department
  • Strategy Planning Department
  • Standard & Test Laboratory
  • Innovation Center
  • Beijing Laboratory

Living Appliances and Solutions Company

Living Products Innovation Division

  • Core Technology Development Center
  • System Technology Development Center
  • Design Center

DX・Customer Engagement Promotion Division

  • Digital Process Development Center

Heating & Ventilation A/C Company

Innovation Center

Cold Chain Solutions Company

Company Strategy Office

Electric Works Company

Solution Development Division

  • Lighting Development Center
  • Energy Systems Development Center
  • System Solutions Development Center
  • System Technology Development Center
  • Solutions and Competencies Planning Office

R&D Division

  • Advanced Technologies Development Center
  • Lifestyle & Architecture Design Laboratory
  • Design Center

Field Engineering and Manufacturing Innovation Division

R&D Division

  • Integrated Control System Development Center
  • Platform Development Center

Innovation Center

Manufacturing Innovation Center

Engineering Division

  • Process Device Innovation Center
  • Sensing Solution Development Center
  • Energy Solution Development Center

Energy Research & Development Center

Cell Development Division

System Development Division

Technology & Manufacturing Strategy Office

Global R&D Map

Panasonic promotes research and development to offer new value to customers in a wide range of business areas: "Consumer Electronics," "Housing," "Automotive," and "B2B." We are advancing global-based development in optimal locations in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia with an R&D system that makes use of local talents and skills.

Global R&D Map of Panasonic. 6 areas as Europe, Greater China, ASEAN, India, North America. Details are below.
Europe E 1  Panasonic R&D Center Germany, GmbH
E 2  Panasonic Langen Development Centre
E 3  Integrated Digital Service Center
E 4  Panasonic Mobile Communications Development of Europe Ltd.
E 5  Panasonic IMEC Center
Greater China C 1  China & Northeast Asia Company
C 2  Panasonic R&D Center Suzhou Co., Ltd.
C 3  PAPCN:Panasonic Appliances (China) Co., Ltd.
C 4  Panasonic Software Development Center Dalian Co., Ltd.
C 5  Panasonic Automotive Systems Development Tianjin Co., Ltd.
C 6  Panasonic Industry (China) Co., Ltd China Technology Center
ASEAN A 1  Panasonic R&D Center Singapore, Division of Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
A 2  Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam Co., Ltd.
A 3  Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning R&D (M) Sdn. Bhd.
A 4  Panasonic Industrial Devices Singapore - Singapore Technology Center
A 5  Panasonic Appliances R&D Centre Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.
A 6  Panasonic Appliances R&D Center Singapore
India I 1   Panasonic India Appliances Company, AP India R&D Center
I 2   PLSIN-ISAMEARDC:Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt.,Ltd. ISAMEA R&D Center
North America U 1  Panasonic R&D Company of America, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America
Japan Kanto Area : Tokyo Site, Yokohama Site
Kansai Area : Osaka Site, Keihanna Site, Shiga Site
Kyushu Area : Fukuoka Site

Our Activity

Training ourselves by various measures as well as conducting joint research activities with various universities and research institutions, and creating innovative new products and business models

Toword a New Stage

Challenge Activities

Co-creation LABs

  • Co-creation with major companies and entrepreneurial ventures at Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka sites (Organizing various events, such as Ideathon and Workshop)
Photo: Entrance of Wonder LAB Osaka
Wonder LAB Osaka
Photo: Entrance of Panasonic Laboratory Tokyo
Panasonic Laboratory Tokyo
Photo: Inside of Panasonic Laboratory Fukuoka
Panasonic Laboratory Fukuoka

Promotion of innovation

  • World-class technology and business leaders, mainly in Silicon Valley, create new products and services with a sense of speed and initiatives.
  • Contributing global innovation and business growth by organic linkage between business, technology, and creativity
Photo: Business Technology Creative

Open Innovation

Joint research: Universities and research institutions worldwide

<Outside Japan>

  • imec (Belgium), CEA (France), MIT (USA), Stanford University (USA), etc.

<Inside Japan>

  • Cooperation with over 150 national research institutes and university laboratories
  • Panasonic research centers have been established on campuses at The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Nagoya University, Kyushu Institute of Technology, University of Fukui, AIST, and NIMS, and joint researches are carried out.

Collaboration and Co-creation: Breaking away from self-reliance / Emphasis on speed / Win-win relationship building

  • Vieureka Platform*
    2019 Launch of platform to partners
    2020 Release of new Vieureka camera
    2021 Release of Starter Kit

    * Using IoT camera that can install many kinds of applications, the platform can easily collect, analyze and utilize various image data.
Vieureka Logo
Vieureka camera

External Activities Including Academic Societies

Academic society activities and paper submission

  • Taking on the challenge of the world's top-level publications (Nature, Science, NeurIPS etc.)

Standardization activities

  • Setting up sites in North America, Europe, China, Singapore to promote standardization activities globally
  • International Standard : IEC (electrical & energy system), ITU (communication system), ISO (automotive & robotics etc.)
  • Forum/Consortium: 3GPP (5G/6G), CSA (IoT), SAE (Connected Car)
  • Global government policy : European Commission (Green by Digital), China (new energy car)


Joining in national projects in Japan

  • Cabinet Office: Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP)
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: The Center of Innovation (COI) Program
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: NEDO* energy / environmental technology, and industrial technology projects
    * NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Research and development for information and communication technology

R&D Human Resources Development Program

Training Programs for Core-technology Enhancement

  • Rank-based Technical Training Programs for Enhancement of Core-technology
  • Technology Exchange Workshop in the Company for Cross-value Innovation

Hands-on Growth Programs for Supporting Challengers

  • Domestic and International Studying Abroad
  • Horizontal Company-wide Resource Exchange
List of training programs mainly divided into Technical training programs, Rank-based training programs, and Management programs.  1.Technical training programs: Under 2 main categories of IoT/Robotics and Energy, There are In-company technical training courses for each technology field (170 courses) and Practical technology training of new employee for each technology field for Fundamental. 1-1. IoT/Robotics: Digital AV & NW, Cloud technology, AI technology, Mechanical control. 1-1-1. Digital AV & NW: Digital & NW practical school for Practical and System architecture school for Expert. 1-1-2. Cloud technology: IoT and Cloud technology practical school for Practical and System architecture school for Expert. 1-1-3. AI technology: Practical course on the job for Practical. Expert course for Expert. 1-1-4. Mechanical control: Mechanical control practical school for Practical. 1-2. Energy: Power electronics, Material & devices. 1-2-1. Power electronics: Power electronics practical school for Practical and Power electronics practical school for Expert. 1-2-2. Material & devices: Material & devices step-up school for Fundamental, Material & devices practical school for Practical, and Material & devices TOP school for Expert. 2. Rank-based training programs: Technology school for mid-level engineers for both Fundamental and Practical and Technology school for management for Expert. 3. Management training programs: Technology strategy training for Practical and Technology management training for Expert.


Photo: John Stephen

Ryuji Sakata
Technology Division, Digital & AI Technology Center
Joined April 2012

I majored in aerospace engineering, which had nothing to do with information technology. However, as I was handling data processing programs in my research, I became interested in information technology, and after joining the company, I was assigned to an information systems section. I understood the importance of acquiring skills to make use of various data, and apart from my work, I improved my skills through competitions and so on in the community "Kaggle" where data scientists from all over the world gather, and I was able to obtain the title of Grandmaster in June 2019. Based on this experience, I am currently working on developing algorithms that collect and analyze data when mobile batteries are in use to improve convenience. I am also a lecturer at AI training courses and contribute to the development of AI human resources.

Photo: Honami Nariyama

Honami Nariyama
Technology Division, Applied Material Technology Center
Joined April 2015

I am involved in the development of cathode materials for next-generation batteries. I select candidates considering various characteristics of required materials and evaluate the characteristics of these materials as batteries. I find it attractive to be able to conduct cutting-edge research and development in the world and to have a chance to work globally. My dream is to develop materials that will enable us to create a new culture with products that will be released to the world in five or 10 years. When I was a student, I specialized in polymer chemistry and had nothing to do with battery electrochemistry, so I had a hard time at first, but now I'm in charge of development alone. I would like to play a role that only departments dealing with advanced research can play.

Photo: Misaki Tsujikawa

Asuka Aoki
Media Entertainment Business Division, Connected Solutions Company
Joined April 2016

I am in charge of developing a setting applicaion to project images while following moving objects at high speed in projection mapping used for large-scale events. When I was a student, I was engaged in research on the physical properties of semiconductors, and I was exploring new methods of measuring with light instead of using electrical methods. Wanting to pursue the possibilities of light, she joined Panasonic, which handles light in various fields. I am also working on software development that I had no prior experience with, and through trial and error, I would like to create technology that can give impact and excitement to many people in the entertainment world through the use of images produced by light.

Photo: Yoshiyasu Koizumi

Soushi Takano
Beauty and Personal Care Business Division, Living Appliances and Solutions Company
Joined April 2015

I'm in charge of the advanced development of dryers. My job is to respond quickly to customer needs that change with times. Currently, I am working on improving the high-speed drying function. At first, I was going to graduate school, but at Panasonic company briefing event for university students, I met an engineer who was developing a nanocare steamer, and I was fascinated by the work of creating something new, and I changed my mind. In developing the quick-drying nozzle, firstly I select from more than 200 product ideas from the customer's point of view, make prototypes, and refine them by checking effectiveness through monitor evaluation. I want to create the "world's best hair dryer" that will enrich the lives of users.

Photo: Kenji Yamakawa

Kenji Yamakawa
R&D Division, Automotive Company
Joined April 2015

I am in charge of developing an algorithm to detect objects from images of onboard cameras. I didn't originally want to work on cars, but I joined Panasonic because I wanted to create something that would be useful to people and something that would impress people. After two or three years at the company, I had an opportunity to explain my skills to customers, and I was happy when they praised me saying, "This is something only Panasonic can do.“ I am currently in charge of cars, but I’ve always thought that 'I want to do many things!' so I feel that it is the charm of Panasonic that we can connect the technologies and skills we have cultivated in various directions in the future.

Photo: Mizuho Kawakami

Mizuho Kawakami
Manufacturing Innovation Division
Joined April 2016

I am engaged in the development of equipment to manufacture "Rechargeable batteries for vehicles" that will accelerate the shift to environmentally friendly vehicles. I liked robots since I was a child, so I joined the club when I was a student, and also participated in the robot contest. My goal is to "I want to contribute to society by making useful products using the equipment I designed." To this end, we are working to ensure that our facilities are optimized by working on equipment specifications with the parties involved in the ordering process within the Group. Through these activities, I feel more responsible for my work. I feel that it is only Panasonic that can develop its own equipment together with the ordering party by making full use of its many advanced technologies.