How much consideration can people show to others? Universal Design (UD) embodies utilizing creativity for the consideration of others. Greater convenience for more users.A better lifestyle for more people. Please join Panasonic as we embark on this challenge.

icon: Concept

This reports about this companies universal design, 'UD Policy', the 'Six UD undamental Prerequisites', and the 'Solutions for Foreseen UD Problems'

icon: Products and Services

Panasonic will utilize its UD to help resolve many of the issues facing Japan, including an aging society and declining birth rate, innovation in work styles, active participation of women, globalization, emergencies, and realizing a society that acknowledges diversity.

[Aging society]
UD for a more convenient daily life

[Declining birth rate]
UD to support child rearing

UD that facilitates a diverse society

[Innovation in work styles]
UD to make life easier for busy workers

UD for people around the world

UD for when something happens

icon: Research Activities

This reports about the research activities taking place to make product ideas a reality.
The results of these research activities are closely linked with the 'ease of use' of Panasonic Group products.

icon: communication

We listen to even more customers with regards to the utilization of mechanisms such as monitoring systems, etc. We also carry out activities to broaden universal design.

icon: Manual package

We implement universal design ideology in order to improve, not only the products, but also the packaging and manuals that accompany these products, so that an even wider range of customers can use the products with ease.

icon: history

Panasonic has been, and will continue to manufacture goods which strictly follow the UD policy of 'manufacturing products that are relatable to people'.

icon: pamphlet

This pamphlet summarizes the main products and initiatives towards universal design.