We want your ideas. ”SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS”, presented by Panasonic in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC), is looking for ideas for the development of sports using the power of technology. The theme of the first SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS program is ”GOING BEYOND BARRIERS.” Do you have an idea that can imbue sports with power and possibilities that can transcend the barriers in today’s world between abled and disabled, between real and virtual, or between the sexes?
The aim is to express the most outstanding ideas, selected in a competition conducted in parallel with Tokyo 2020, as a joint project between you and Panasonic. The better future to which your idea can contribute will become part of the legacy of Tokyo 2020.



Concept Movie

This program is a competition in which students from every part of Japan participate to create new ideas in sports using Panasonic audio and video technology.
Ideas are solicited from students in four presenting countries: Japan, which is the sponsoring country; and China, France and the United States, which will be the next countries to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Works will be exhibited to the public in 2020.
The most outstanding groups will be granted the right to make presentations to the related organisations of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and Paris 2024 Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games). Panasonic will provide total support toward obtaining adoption of the students’ ideas.
The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 15, 2019. For details on entry requirements please view the Entry page.


Olympic and Paralympic Marketing Team,  Panasonic Corporation  Yasuhiro Fukuda Olympic and Paralympic Marketing Team,  Panasonic Corporation  Yasuhiro Fukuda

Message from the Producer

Sports for a Better Life and a Better World
At Panasonic, we’re passionate about making the world a richer and more fulfilling place for everyone: “A Better Life, A Better World.” The history of Panasonic is one of seeking out problems faced by people around the world as individuals and finding ways to overcome them through technology.
Now we want to use the power of sports to make life and the world more fun and rewarding.
So athletes can reach for even higher goals, spectators can enjoy an even deeper experience, and people can interact as equals despite their differences.
Our profound hope is that, as we achieve these goals, the horizons of sports will widen, in ways that one day will change the world. This is where you come in. If you win the chance to make an official presentation to the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee, we can work together to have your idea adopted in future Olympic and Paralympic Games.
We look forward to your groundbreaking ideas that will go beyond every sort of barrier in society through sports and technology.

Panasonic is the Official Worldwide Olympic & Paralympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category.