Making India Stronger

Making India Stronger Since 1972

Panasonic has always been devoted and committed towards India. We started with the vision of making India the centre & hub of innovation. This became possible only with the continuous support and love from all of you. With our state-of-the-art technologies, we’ve produced a wide range of products, ranging from consumer electronics to industrial devices, building products to housing. With a strong Japanese legacy, our mantra was to improvise, optimize (Kaizen), adapt and overcome! In no time, not only did we start producing in India, but also exported our products all over the world. We are very proud that our product, Rice Cooker, a concept that started in Japan, turned into a reality in India, and today India not only produces but also exports Rice Cookers around the globe! We strive to reach millions of happy customers with our smart, high-performance and energy-efficient appliances. At Panasonic, we always aim at creating #ABetterLifeABetterWorld for everyone thereby #MakingIndiaStronger for 48 years and counting

48 years of commitment towards making India stronger

Innovating has always been the way forward for us. What started 48 years ago in India has now become the hub of innovation, with its branches spread across the entire country. With our cutting-edge technologies, we produce a wide range of products, systems and services, ranging from consumer electronics for every day use to industrial devices for large-scale production projects. Every product is constructed with an aim to make homes and work spaces smarter and lives easier.