INPS Siena

System: GHP + hydraulic kit
Installation capacity: 822 kW
installation Year: 2013

INPS institute is the most complex social security institution in Europe. By implementing standards and laws that govern the world of social security, INPS manages more than 500 articles concerning social security. Each Italian region has provincial headquarters. One of the provincial headquarters in Tuscany is located in Siena, via Lippo Memmi, near the centre of the town just 10 minutes far from the famous square Piazza del Campo. Its dimension is 9,237 square meters and it is divided into two floors.

Challenge of the project
First challenge: best economical tender.
Second challenge:
 In order to improve the energy efficiency and the value of the building the owner has decided the refurbishment of the building office for INPS (Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale). The building is near some residences and the consultant needs outdoor units with a low level of noise and respect the restriction on power to run conventional HVAC installation.

The solution
The heating and cooling system air to water is composed by 13 Gas Heat Pumps 2 way and 13 hydraulic kits, connected to the existing water indoor units. Each hydraulic kit controls a pump to move the water in the existing plant. The choice of this solution was determined by the following benefits: best economical tender, high performance in heating and cooling in severe weather conditions, powerful cooling/heating of the rooms, quite mode of the outdoor units, flexibility of installation.

13 wired timer remote controllers were installed to set actions for each day and for service information


GHP + hydraulic kit

Outdoor units 
1 x U-16GE2E5      
5 x U-20GE2E5      
7 x U-25GE2E5       

Indoor units 
6 x S-500WX2E5    
7 x S-710WX2E5    

13 x CZ-RTC2