Panasonic Conducts Electrical Business Partner Seminar in Cairo

Panasonic Conducts Electrical Business Partner Seminar in Cairo

Panasonic joins hands with El Sewedy Electrical Equipment & Cables for the capacity-building workshop for engineers and dealers aimed at introducing the latest innovations in electrical construction materials for the Egyptian market.

Cairo, Egypt

Panasonic Electric Works Middle East & Africa (PEWMEA), a division of Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE (PMMAF), recently concluded its first-ever electrical business partner seminar in Cairo. Held in partnership with its local distributor in Egypt, El Sewedy Electrical Equipment & Cables, the event was conducted with the aim to introduce Panasonic’s latest range of electrical construction materials and products available in the Egyptian market.

PEWMEA offers living solutions centered on cutting-edge electrical equipment and digital technology, including wiring devices, lighting products, indoor air quality solutions and much more. El Sewedy Electrical Equipment & Cables, meanwhile, has built a reputation as the market leader in industrial retail in Egypt, offering a wide range of electrical equipment, cables, lighting, wiring devices, and other accessories across its multiple branches in the country. 

Anil Roshan Castelino – Deputy Managing Director, ECM AFRICA Sales, said, “Egypt is a key market for us, moreso with industry reports predicting record robust growth for the construction sector driven by government-led initiatives, as well as the increasing demand for infrastructure from the rising economy and population. This confidence is reflected in our commitment to continue to introduce and showcase Panasonic’s industry-leading products and solutions for the built environment sector.”

Alongside bright economic prospects and the current infrastructure boom happening in the country, Castelino also acknowledged that Egypt’s dynamic business landscape presents more opportunities for game-changing solutions from Panasonic. “Our training session is a vital step in ensuring that our local partners and dealers, as well as engineers and construction professionals, have the technological awareness and information they need to help the country transition to future-ready homes and buildings. We are grateful for having the support of El Sewedy Electrical Equipment & Cables who work with us on initiatives like this to empower our customers with innovative technologies that support sustainable and smart living,” he added.

Mahmoud Kadry, Marketing Manager - Egypt, also commented: “We have always believed that meeting our customers’ electrical products and equipment needs can go hand-in-hand with meeting the needs of our communities and our planet. This seminar was a great opportunity to accelerate sustainable construction practices by highlighting new solutions built on advanced technology and designed to support smart living. We at Panasonic are truly committed on developing more innovations that can help our customers create environments focused on well-being and productivity of occupants, while protecting the environment of our planet..”

Panasonic dealers and channel partners participated in the seminar, which allowed them to gain a comprehensive overview on the new innovations from the company’s electrical products range. The event also featured product demonstrations to further educate attendees about the technological advancements and key features of the products. Panasonic delegates and engineers also helped with a lively exchange of questions and answers, which further optimized the learning context of the seminar. 


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