Finding Answers for Tomorrow’s Planet

Image of forest. Finding answers for tomorrow’s planet

Panasonic envisions a sustainable future by creating innovative solutions that provide comfort and well-being while minimising our environmental impact to protect our planet.

Image of city. Global energy consumption has been rising by an average of 2.3% every year.
Save energy

Better energy efficiency
while maximising comfort.

Image of AI ECONAVI & Inverter Technology

AI ECONAVI & Inverter Technology

With AI technology that intelligently reduces wasteful energy consumption based on usage patterns and power-efficient, inverter-controlled motors, energy is saved automatically.

Image of Air to Water Heat Pump

Air to Water Heat Pump

Highly efficient heat pump technology collects the heat in the atmosphere to produce thermal energy using less electricity. It’s an effective use of finite energy resources.

Image of water. Only 0.01% of water on earth is usable.
Save water

Better water conservation
even through normal use.

Image of AI Smartwash washing machine

AI Smart Wash

AI technology analyses the garments and various conditions to optimise the amount of water used—without compromising wash performance. Simply using the washing machine will conserve water.

Image of Table Top Dishwasher

Table Top Dishwasher

A small amount of water is recirculated in a clever manner, dramatically reducing water consumption while achieving cleaner results compared to hand washing.

Image of grocery. 40% of the produc straight into the bin.
Reduce food waste

Committed to

Image of Prime Freeze/Prime Fresh

Prime Freeze/Prime Fresh

Freshness can be preserved longer in refrigerators featuring unique technologies that suppress oxidisation and help keep food cells intact during freezing, contributing to the reduction of food loss.

Image of many shopping bags. The higher the level of income, the greater the amount of waste.
Shop minimally

The ability to
choose only
what you need.

Image of Modular Personal Care System

Modular Personal Care System

A modular system with a single body and swappable attachment heads lets you choose only what you need. Only one body and a charger is necessary, minimising redundant components.

Image of Arctic and polar bears. Sea surface temperatures broke records 2021.
Carbon neutrality

The energy of the future is
almost here.

Image of “RE100” Solution

“RE100” Solution

Envisioning a decarbonised society, an in-house power generation system geared towards energy self-sufficiency has been demonstrated. It will now be deployed in various locations around the world.

Image of Natural Refrigerant

Natural Refrigerant

In place of conventional refrigerants found in water heaters, a natural refrigerant with only a minuscule greenhouse effect is now being used, further reducing environmental impact.

Image of large amounts of waste on earth. Global waste will grow to 1.7 times the current level by 2050.

Waste reduction through
recycling as part of the
manufacturing process.

Image of Panasonic Eco Technology Center

Panasonic Eco Technology Center

At our world-class recycling plants, valuable resources—extracted at high purity from televisions and other appliances that have completed their useful lives—are recycled and used in the manufacture of new products.

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