2000W ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE66

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Powerful fast drying in a compact design

This 2000W hair dryer provides the same blowing power as 2300W* dryers. The stream of ions helps to eliminate static and condition your hair to give a beautiful luster.
*Dries the same amount of water as a 2300W Panasonic hair dryer in an IEC-standard drying performance comparison test.
  • ionity


Drying power equivalent to 2300W

The well-balanced combination of a powerful airflow and heat distribution enables this 2000W dryer to be as effective as a 2300W* dryer.
Drying power equivalent to 2300W

The high drying performance

Powerful Airflow

Enjoy the boost of strong airflow now born from the improved internal structure, which allows exertion of power comparable to 2300W*.
Powerful Airflow

Unique internal structure

Internal structure designed for concentrating airflow toward center prevents temperature unevenness and ensures that heat is always evenly distributed. As a result, it can exhibit power equivalent to 2300W*.
Unique internal structure

Ion conditioning with moisture retaining design

Ion outlet is designed to be above the nozzle, protecting ions from the heat of hair dryer, providing more moisture to your hair.
Ion conditioning with moisture retaining design

New 11 mm concentrator nozzle for precise & perfect styling

Panasonic’s new 11 mm concentrator nozzle helps to concentrate airflow directly onto your hair, for a more precise and hassle free styling.
New 11 mm concentrator nozzle for precise & perfect styling

Heat protection mode prevents overheating

Hair and scalp will be dried at an optimal temperature, protecting hair from overheating.
Heat protection mode prevents overheating

Discover the other features

Foldable handle

The handle is foldable so the dryer can be compactly stored when not in use and ideal for travel use.
Foldable handle

Easy to hold & Lightweight

The ergonomic design of the hair dryer is well-balanced in weight, giving a stable and comfortable hair drying experience.
Easy to hold & Lightweight


2000W ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE66 ၏ ဓါတ်ပုံများ

အရွယ်အစားနှင့် အလေးချိန်

  • 3 Airflow Settings3 Airflow Settings
  • Powerful AirflowPowerful Airflow
  • foldablefoldable
  • Heat ProtectionHeat Protection
  • Strong CoolStrong Cool
  • Ion Moisture PreserveIon Moisture Preserve

Powerful Fast Drying

Ion Conditioning with Moisture Retaining Design

Precise Perfect Styling

Heat Protection Mode

Fast Dry

  • Drying power

    • 2300W
  • Actual watt

    • 2000W
  • Air pressure (w/out nozzle)

    • 90 g


  • Ion

    • Yes
  • Airflow settings

    • 3 airflow


  • Concentrator nozzle (11 mm)


  • 165 mm×80 mm×260 mm


  • 340 g


  • Foldable


  • Color

    • Black