Knock Out Stain Marks & Invisible Bacteria

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Knock Out Stain Marks & Invisible Bacteria

The StainMaster+ technology eliminates a variety of stains and bacteria on fabrics with the ideal water temperature and optimal control of water flow.

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Fight stubborn stains and invisible bacteria on clothes!

Daily outdoor travel leaves both visible stains and invisible bacteria on your clothes. Not only are persistent stains hard to remove, bacteria has the ability to stay alive on your clothes for multiple days, depending on the environment and bacteria type. Stay healthy by ensuring that your everyday laundry are free from stains and bacteria.

High temperatures are effective against bacteria.

The StainMaster+ technology in our Top Load washing machines breaks down a variety of stains, and simultaneously eliminates invisible bacteria on fabrics, using the ideal water temperature along with a scrubbing motion.

* Tested by Japan Food Research Laboratories / Issue No.: 16033827001-0201,16033827001-0401

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Eliminate Allergens

StainMaster+ on Front Loading washing machines helps to protect clothes from allergens. It effortlessly washes away stubborn stains, bacteria, dust mites and other allergens, using hot water (up to 90ºC).

*1 Endorsed by Allergy UK.

Strong Water Flow thoroughly washes stains away

Both the Top Loading and Front Loading washing machines provide various washing programmes to better deal with different types of stains. Each programme is set with different water temperature and water flow to thoroughly remove oil marks, yellow perspiration stains and persistent skin oil rings, such as those found on the collars and sleeve cuffs of working attires.

* The precise choice of water flow type varies, depending on the machine and model you have.

Image of strong water flow to wash stains away
Image of stained clothes

If you stain your clothes with oily food

Oil stains, especially from satay and chili oil are hard to remove. When you get these types of stains on your clothes, wash them by selecting the “Oily” programme. The heated water softens and loosens the oil, then washes and rinses the fabric with a powerful water flow. Giving you clean and stain-free clothes with lesser effort.

After a long day of work

Collars, sleeve cuffs or shirts are often stained with skin oil due to close contact with the skin. Skin oil stains begin to dissolve at about 37ºC, therefore it is recommended that you select the Collar/Sleeve programme using 40ºC water. The warm water easily dissolves the skin oil, while the strong water flow washes it away thoroughly. Now, you no longer need to go through the hassle of pre-treating individual spots.

Image of sebum stains on the collar of a white shirt
Image of mother taking care of a baby

If you have a sensitive baby

Baby clothes are often stained with spilled milk or food. Compared to adults, their immune systems are less developed, making them prone to skin irritations. This is why mothers to wash babies clothes by hand, but there are limitations in what hand wash can achieve.

We recommend the Bacterial Programme – 60ºC water to remove bacteria, or Allergy Programme – 90ºC water using long-cycle high temperature washing to get rid of allergens

* The maximum temperature to use depends on the type of washing machine.

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