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Asaichi Center Nursery School / Asaichi Children's Nursery School

Take measures to keep the space clean by ziaino

Together with the Asaichi Children's Nursery School, the Asaichi Center Nursery School accepts children aged 0 to 5. It is located in a shopping district near JR Sendai Station and provides support to parents working in urban areas. For this reason, we are focused on sterilization measures that help parents feel at ease. We learned about the ziainoTM, which uses hypochlorite, from one of our vendors, and decided to install two units. We have also applied for subsidies from the Central Community Chest of Japan, and if granted, will install four additional units. The ziainoTM is popular with parents, enabling them to work with peace of mind regardless of the season. We can also feel its deodorization effects. We use cloth diapers for the children at our center, and after installing the ziainoTM, we no longer smell any residual odors after changing diapers.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 6 units
Prefecture: Miyagi Prefecture
Operator: NPO Asaichi Center Nursery School

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