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Japan Animal Referral Medical Center

Quietly supporting advanced medical sites with sterilization and deodorization

Our hospital provides examinations and treatments for animals using advanced medical equipment, such as PET-CT, that regular veterinarians cannot provide. We started using the ziainoTM after seeing the "Sterilization/Deodorization" sticker at the otolaryngology clinic where one of our staff members underwent medical treatment. Although we first started using it for the purpose of sterilization, we noticed that animal odors disappeared immediately after starting to use it, which all of our staff were surprised. Our owner then received a letter thanking them for providing a comfortable space. The fact that the ziainoTM is quiet has also helped to calm the animals. It enables us to provide a calm hospital environment. In November, our clinic in Tokyo will open, joining our other clinics in Kawasaki and Nagoya. When it opens, we are looking forward to using the ziainoTM there as well.
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No. of units installed: 7 units
Prefecture: Kanagawa Prefecture
Operator: Japan Animal Referral Medical Center

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