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Keikyu Corporation

First used in employee locker rooms, now used in major stations and throughout group companies

Our company was founded in 1898 and develops real estate, leisure facilities/services, and distribution businesses, all based around our railway and transportation business. We first started using ziainoTM in 2018. We started using it for the purpose of odor control in the changing rooms of the three railway crew areas, which is where we realized the excellent effects of ziainoTM. After that, in 2020, anticipating the sterilization functions of ziainoTM, we decided to start using it mainly in our workplaces, such as major stations. Currently, we also use ziainoTM in various areas of our group companies outside the railway department. ziainoTM not only helps in managing the health of staff who are in direct contact with customers, but also provides peace of mind to customers using the services of the Keikyu Group.
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No. of units installed: Keikyu Group: 179 units ; (including 131 units in the railway department); *As of November 2020
Prefecture: Kanagawa Prefecture, Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Operator: Keikyu Corporation

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