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Tamura Veterinary Hospital

Using ziainoTM to deodorize animal odors and provide sterilization

Since opening in 1994, our hospital has introduced the latest equipment to enable the early detection of pet diseases and provide optimal treatment. We started using the ziainoTM to deodorize animal odors and provide sterilization. Sick animals give off a strong odor and we were unable to eliminate these odors using ventilation alone. However, although we are no longer aware of these odors since we have become used to them, a child who visited our hospital had to pinch their nose due to the smell. After seeing that, we decided to start using the ziainoTM. Once we did start to use it, we didn't witness such scenes any longer. Also, by continuing to operate the ziainoTM even after examinations had finished at end of day, we noticed that the air inside the hospital was refreshed the next morning.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 3 units
Prefecture: Ishikawa Prefecture
Operator: Tamura Veterinary Hospital

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