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Travelodge Hobart Hotel (Australia)

Air Conditioning System: VRF 3-Way FSV MF2 Series: 8 systems
Cooling Capacity: 302 kW / 86 USRT
Indoor Units:
Wall Mounted K1 Series: 112 units
4-Way Cassette U1 Series: 4 units
Control System:
P-AIMS Central Controller: 1 system
Wired Remote Controller: 116 units

This Travelodge Hotel is located in the historic part of Hobart, close to the city’s top tourist attractions. The hotel is owned by the Toga Group, an Australia-based group of companies specialising in property development, construction, investment, and management. When Toga decided to upgrade the hotel’s conventional split-type air conditioning, a number of VRF suppliers offered solutions. But in the end the owners opted for a sophisticated solution proposed by Panasonic Australia.

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