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Complete Air Management System

The orderly exterior of a residential complex: image of Panasonic with S P Setia

S P Setia’s new homes come equipped with a Panasonic Complete Air Management System

Panasonic has partnered with S P Setia in order to better care for our community. Together, we are striving to create a better, more sustainable future by enhancing indoor air quality with the help of Panasonic’s latest innovation, the Complete Air Management System.

Why Panasonic ?

Panasonic supplies and installs a wide range of products in various types of residential and commercial buildings such as shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, clinics, and public buildings, helping create cleaner and more comfortable environments all over the world.
We provide air that is optimally designed for various lifestyles by leveraging our air conditioning and ventilation technology.
We propose applications of Quality Air Design most suitable for your needs.


Divisional General Manager
S P Setia

An image of Mr TAN SIOW CHUNG, Divisional General Manager, S P Setia Division


The Complete Air Management System is an integrated solution for Indoor Air Quality and comfort.

With the Complete Air Management System, an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor constantly monitors air quality to automatically control heating, cooling, ventilation and volume. It provides air of the highest quality at a comfortable temperature and humidity level. It quickly purifies contaminated air and brings clean air back into your environment. It automatically maintains optimum air quality. And it does this while keeping energy costs at a minimum. This is the promise of the future delivered by the Complete Air Management System.

Brochure for property developers

Brochure for property developers

Explore Complete Air Management System in action at HOME.2.COM Solution Center!

The Vertical Podium - Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

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