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F-MN304-AQ /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-MN30/F-MN304-SPP/ast-1875502.png F-MN304-ME /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-MN30/F-MN304-SPP/ast-1875502.png F-MN304-GR /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-MN30/F-MN304-SPP/ast-1875502.png

Electric Fan Table Fan F-MN304

RM 145.00



Compact 30cm Table Fan

Compact body, Panasonic table fans F-MN304 are equipped with durable motors that provide a powerful cooling effect to your surroundings and featured with 3-speed on/off switch. Also a safety design, equipped with a condenser motor, a thermal fuse.
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Versatile and Portable to Deliver Cool Air, Anywhere

It can be used in any location.
For example:
Living room / dining room / bedroom / sanitary
Versatile and Portable to Deliver Cool Air, Anywhere

3-Speed and On/Off by Push Button Switches

Select from 3-speeds - low, medium or high, depending on your preference. Easily adjust the speed by the switches on the fan.
3-Speed and On/Off by Push Button Switches

Thermal Safety Fuse

Panasonic’s electric fans are equipped with “W Fuse” in all models. In case of any operation abnormality, the thermal fuse and current fuse will stop the fan from keep on operating. Double reliability, providing peace of mind.
Thermal Safety Fuse



  • Color: Aqua blue: F-MN304-AQAqua blue
Photo of F-MN304-AQ


  • Color: Meadow green: F-MN304-MEMeadow green
Photo of F-MN304-ME


  • Color: Grape purple: F-MN304-GRGrape purple
Photo of F-MN304-GR

3-speed and off push-button switch

Blade size: 30cm (12”)

Colour: Aqua blue, Meadow green, Grape purple

F-MN304-AQ F-MN304-ME F-MN304-GR
Blade size cm (inch)   30cm (12”) 30cm (12”) 30cm (12”)
R.P.M (Low) 878 - 1074 878 - 1074 878 - 1074
R.P.M (High) 1123 - 1373 1123 - 1373 1123 - 1373
Power Consumption (W) Low 25.2 - 30.8 25.2 - 30.8 25.2 - 30.8
Power Consumption (W) High 34.7 - 42.5 34.7 - 42.5 34.7 - 42.5
Air Delivery m³/min 43 43 43
Air Velocity (m/min) 214 214 214
Capacity (CFM) 1518 1518 1518
Noise Level (dB) Less than 47 Less than 47 Less than 47
Nett Weight (kg) 3.2 3.2 3.2