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F-MX405-CA /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-MX40/F-MX405-SPP/ast-1875447.png F-MX405-BC /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-MX40/F-MX405-SPP/ast-1875447.png F-MX405-BN /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-MX40/F-MX405-SPP/ast-1875447.png

Electric Fan Stand Fan F-MX405

RM 235.00



Slim and Powerful 40cm Stand Fan

Portable and powerful, the Panasonic F-MX405 comes with a strong motor to surround your room in a cooling breeze. It is featured with automatic oscillation 3-speed on/off push button switches. It is also a safety design, equipped with a condenser motor, a thermal fuse.
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RM 235.00


Height-Adjustable for Control of Cool at All Levels

Stand type electric fan with large, 40cm blades that deliver a powerful reach. Adjustable height between 107 - 133cm, allowing air to reach you no matter you’re sitting on the sofa or a chair. Furthermore, use the automatic oscillation, can deliver comfortable wind to a wider range.
Height-Adjustable for Control of Cool at All Levels

3-Speed and On/Off by Push Button Switches

Select from 3-speeds - low, medium or high, depending on your preference. Easily adjust the speed by the switches on the fan.
3-Speed and On/Off by Push Button Switches

Thermal Safety Fuse

Panasonic’s electric fans are equipped with “W Fuse” in all models. In case of any operation abnormality, the thermal fuse and current fuse will stop the fan from keep on operating. Double reliability, providing peace of mind.
Thermal Safety Fuse



  • Color: Champagne: F-MX405-CAChampagne
Photo of F-MX405-CA


  • Color: Purplish Blue: F-MX405-BCPurplish Blue
Photo of F-MX405-BC


  • Color: Gris Fonce Brown: F-MX405-BNGris Fonce Brown
Photo of F-MX405-BN

3-speed and off push-button switch

Blade size: 40cm (16”)

Colour: Champagne, Purplish blue or Gris fonce brown

F-MX405-CA F-MX405-BC F-MX405-BN
Blade size cm (inch)   40cm (16") 40cm (16") 40cm (16")
R.P.M (Low) 774 - 946 774 - 946 774 - 946
R.P.M (High) 1103 - 1349 1103 - 1349 1103 - 1349
Power Consumption (W) Low 38.9 - 47.5 38.9 - 47.5 38.9 - 47.5
Power Consumption (W) High 49.9 - 60.9 49.9 - 60.9 49.9 - 60.9
Air Delivery m³/min 84.6 84.6 84.6
Air Velocity (m/min) 250 250 250
Capacity (CFM) 2225 2225 2225
Noise Level (dB) Less than 60 Less than 60 Less than 60
Nett Weight (kg) 8.3 8.3 8.3