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Technology of Green AC Flex (Silky Fine Mist)

Green AC Flex

Silky Fine Mist

Panasonic's Ultra-Fine Mist is generated by its Green AC (Ambience Changer) Flex. As the mist evaporates quickly, you will not feel wet. Instead, you will experience a comfortable cool feeling. This unique mist can be sprayed directly on people to cool the body and relieve it from intense heat.

Silky Fine Mist Feature

Silky Fine Mist USP

As the mist are very fine particles, it evaporates quickly so you won’t feel wet, even if it hits you directly. Instead, you will experience a comfortable cooling feeling. The mist can be sprayed directly on the body to offer immediate relief from intense heat.

The ultra-fine mist from the Green Ambience Changer Flex absorbs heat from the air as it evaporates. This can lower the temperature outdoors by up to 4⁰C and produce a cooler ambience.

The small size of each mist particle enables the Green AC Flex to produce sufficient particles to cool a large outdoor area. It provides a comfortable cooling sensation with almost no feeling of wetness, even with close contact of about 0.6 to 1.0m (optimal cooling distance).

Green AC Flex Mechanism

Green AC Flex Mechanism

Key Features of Green AC Mechanism

Fine mist and quick vaporization
No need for high pressure air
Running cost is small
Low pressure / low noise

*When the nozzle and spray water volume are 100cc / min. May change depending on installation, operating conditions, etc.
*1: A nozzle that mixes and sprays air and water. The compressed high-speed airflow crushes water into small pieces, which makes it possible to atomize mist compared to an original nozzle that sprays only with water.

Core Benefits

Pseudo sweating

Pseudo sweating

This is the effect of removing heat from the body and cooling it when fine mist evaporates on the surface of the skin.

*Simulates the effect of sweat.

Vaporization cooling

Vaporization cooling

Vaporization cooling is the effect of removing heat from the air and effectively lowering the temperature when the fine mist evaporates.
Since the mist particle size is small, it is easy to vaporize. This results in high cooling efficiency.

Flexible Construction

Up to 8 nozzle units can be fitted into one Green AC Flex control box, however, since the connection materials between each nozzle units are made up of commercially available resin piping, it offers more flexibility. As the resin can be installed by bending it according to the location and the nozzle height and distance between the nozzles can be adjusted, it enables a more dynamic installation which caters to your needs.

Flexible Construction

Green Ambience Changer Flex Equipments

Green Ambience Changer Flex Equipments

The main unit control box is water-resistant (equivalent to protection class IPX4), allowing it to be installed outdoors without a roof.

Green Ambience Changer Flex Equipments

We also have a nozzle cover that protects the nozzle unit as well as an external water tank (optional) in case there is difficulty connecting to a water supply.

Location Fitting



Train station

Train station

Bus station

Bus station

The Green AC Flex has the unique ability to fit into existing structures and designs without much effort, allowing for seamless integration into a range of different facilities and materials.

Cooling Effect

Cooling Effect

The Green AC Flex mist nozzle can be installed at any height, depending on your needs.
At 1m away from the mist nozzle, a cooling effect of about 4°C can be obtained as a perceived temperature.*3
Unlike many other mist equipments, the Green AC Flex can also be installed at a lower position so that it is less susceptible to the effects of the wind.

* Depending on the weather conditions, the temperature drop described may not be obtained.
*1 The sensible temperature difference is calculated using the standard new effective temperature SET*.
Measurement results under our demonstration conditions (height 1m position). Demonstration conditions: Ambient temperature 35°C, humidity 40% RH,
*2 If one gets too close continuously to the mist nozzle, it may result in getting wet.
*3 Based on our internal test results.

System Installation Reference

System Installation Reference

Product Specifications

Model number

AE-GF021CE (220V) - Indonesia & Thailand
AE-GF021DG (230V) - Malaysia & Singapore


W610×D460×H860mm (Control box)


119kg (Control box)

Power consumption

• Single phase 220V 50Hz 0.96kW
• Single phase 230V 50Hz 0.96kW

Number of nozzles

5 ~ 8 nozzles

Piping Length

Up to 40m

Rated mist volume



60dB (Control box)

Outdoor operation

○(Waterproof: IPX4)

Running operation

Manual ON/OFF or Timer operation by day of the week

temperature for usage

5°C to 46°C

Operation condition
relative humidity

20%RH to 90%RH (no condensation)

Spray Amount Control Method

Mechanical (constant flow valve)

Water Supply Method

• Directly connected to water pipes
• Tanks

* The maximum number varies depending on the type of nozzle.