Say No to Fakes, Safety First!

Say No to Fake, Safety First

We thank you for your continued support and hope you know that your safety is always our top priority, which is why Panasonic products are all made with your safety in mind unlike the fakes. Choose the real deal for guaranteed quality and safety.

With more fake products popping up claiming to be Panasonic products, it can be tough to tell what is real from fake.

Here’s how you can spot fake listings:

  1. The Right Places:
    a. Ensure that you are looking for authentic Panasonic products either directly from our official Panasonic website ( or through Panasonic authorised partners, listed below:
  2. Look at the Details:
    a. Inspect all the images, descriptions and profiles closely for any major differences.
    b. Check if the placement of logos or identifying features.
    c. Be cautious of posts that contain multiple languages.
  3. Know Your Product:
    a. Check out the products on the Panasonic official website and see what they look like and what specifications they have so that you can spot the major differences easier.

Counterfeit products do more harm than good, to you and your loved ones. Those who are found to be counterfeiting will be prosecuted. Please do visit Panasonic Malaysia Official website to check the complete product list ( When in doubt, feel free to call or email our Customer Service. Beware of imitation. Don’t fall for false print or claims.

Panasonic shall not be responsible for any accidents resulting in fatalities, personal injuries, financial loss and/or property damage caused by malfunctions and/or defective parts of counterfeit products in any whatsoever way. Our warranties are only valid for products purchased from authorised sales channels.


Fake and Counterfeit Product Listings Sorted by Category:

1. Beauty Care:

Beauty Care

2. Battery:


3. Fan:


4. Garment Steamer:

Garment Steamer

5. Kitchen Appliances:

Garment Steamer

6. Oral care:

Oral care

7. Shaver/Trimmer:


8. Vacuum:


9. Dect Phone:

Dect Phone

10. Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser