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Refreshingly Clean - The Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Story

Wellness begins with a clean home and a healthy space

Wellness begins with a clean home and a healthy space

Clean and organized space will make you feel refreshed and relaxed.
Let us help you create a space to spend happy and healthy times with your family.

Wellness begins with a clean home and a healthy space

Vacuum cleaners born from Japan's cleanliness

The Japanese custom of cleanliness is born from a concern for comfort of others as well as oneself.
This spirit of hospitality and consideration for others is alive in Panasonic vacuum cleaners.

Our vacuum cleaners are born from Japan’s cleanliness

Manufacturing Philosophy

How we bring our vacuum cleaners to your life.

Making vacuuming stress-free

Panasonic technicians look at every step of the cleaning process to make it a renewing ritual rather than a stressful chore.



Yusuke Fuseno, Haruaki Mizuno, Anan Tabata

Making vacuuming stress-free

Designed for real-life

The ease of use that makes cleaning effortless and the aesthetic that fits seamlessly into your space. At Panasonic we pursue a design that is both functional and comfortable for people in their daily lives.

Asuka Yoshioka

Designed for real-life


Manufacturing is the key to making safe products that last. You can trust the durability of our products because we pay attention to every detail to produce only the best products for you.

Yuto Tsujikawa


Real-life testing by technicians

In addition to the usual machine testing, we also have technicians check for issues: Do the buttons feel right? Do the nozzles detach and reattach properly? By checking all the small details, we make sure nothing is missed.

Quality Control

Real-life testing by technicians
Our Manufacturing Philosophy

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