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Common Juicing Mistakes

Common Juicing Mistakes

Common Juicing Mistakes – Panasonic Cooking

Juicing sounds like an easy way to a healthier lifestyle. Yes, it is! However, there are common mistakes that juicing newbies make without equipping themselves with good facts. Sometimes, flavours are hard to adapt as well such as the bitterness of the veggies or slimy texture of the juice. Here are some of the common juicing mistakes people make:

1. Keeping juice out for too long

Juice should be drank immediately after juicing. The longer the juice sits exposed to air, its nutrient content, enzymes and all the good stuff will oxidize. If you can’t consume the juice right-away, finish it within 24 hours.

2. Replacing meals with juices

Unless you are on a liquid diet, juices are not a replacement to solid food. Fats, protein and carbohydrates are important for a balanced diet. Achieving a healthy lifestyle is the way to a longer and happier life. You wouldn’t want to blend meats into your juices, would you?

3. Lack of variety

Common Juicing Mistakes – Panasonic Cooking

Do not use the same greens over and over again. Each vegetable contains different minerals for your body. Switching your greens around would allow your body to absorb the different minerals that it requires rather than feeding on the same thing repeatedly. There is a limit to how much minerals a body needs and the rest would just turn into waste to be excreted.

4. Drinking it on a full stomach

Drinking juice on an empty stomach maximizes nutrient absorption. After a full meal, your stomach must digest the food for the next meal. You can’t expect your stomach to multitask and perform efficiently.

5. Over adding sweet fruits

The amount of ingredients you put into your juicer matters. For beginners, it’s good to limit to three to five ingredients with the ratio of vegetables more than fruits. After that, you can try experimenting with different combination of fruits and vegetables. It is a common mistake for juicing newcomers to add too many sweet fruits. Although fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, some fruits will give you a sugar spike in the form of fructose. Try adding lemon or lime as they are low in sugar and provides a refreshing touch to your juices.

6. Not cleaning the juicer immediately after use

Common Juicing Mistakes – Panasonic Cooking

Juicers or juicing machines will be hard to clean if you leave them out for too long as the vegetables and fruits pulps will dry up to a point where they are hard to remove. If it is not possible to clean immediately after juicing, soak the parts in water and get to them as soon as you can.

The list of common mistakes is enough to equip you. Now it’s your turn to embark on your juicing journey! The effects your body will feel are well worth those extra 15 minutes in the morning!

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