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Battery Operated Travel Oral Irrigator EW-DJ11-A451

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Oral Care on the Go with Travel Oral Irrigator

The travel oral irrigator washes away food debris caught between teeth, periodontal pockets, and around orthodontic appliances with a water jet. This is battery operated, so it is easy and ready to be used right away. It is designed to fit in the palm of your hand, making it easy to store and carry. Enjoy dental care at home and on the go.
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Compact Size for Easy Portability and Storage

Easy to Use on the Go

Compact and Portable

When the main unit is pushed into the water tank, the travel oral irrigator sits at an easy-to-carry height of just 15.4 cm.
Compact and Portable

Storable Nozzle

Keep your nozzle clean in the unit and prevent it from getting lost.
Storable Nozzle

Washes Away Food Debris in Every Area

Easily get between teeth to remove food debris with the water jet.
*Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Designed to Tackle between Teeth

The water jet removes the bacteria in periodontal pockets that cause periodontal disease.
*Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Protect with Periodontal Pocket Cleaning

Designed with comfort in mind, the water jet helps to gently stimulate your gums.
*Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Cares for Your Gums

Washes away food debris in difficult to brush places such as between teeth, orthodontic braces and bridges.
*Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Works around Orthodontic Appliances

Easy to Hold and Use

The travel oral irrigator is designed to fit securely in the palm of your hand. Turning the nozzle adjusts the angle and changes the water direction without having to readjust your grip.
Easy to Hold and Use

Adjustable to 2 Levels of Water Pressure

Tailor the device to the condition of your gums and your personal preference using 2 levels of water pressure adjustment.
Adjustable to 2 Levels of Water Pressure

35 Seconds of Use

A large water tank that holds approximately 150 mL of water means you can enjoy 35 seconds of use every time.
*With the level 2 water pressure setting.
35 Seconds of Use

Battery Operated

Powered by 2 AA batteries for 20 minute use, the EWDJ11 is convenient and always handy.
*With the level 2 water pressure setting.
**Batteries are not included.
Battery Operated

Maintain Cleanliness

The main unit of the travel oral irrigator is IPX7 waterproof. The bottom cover of the tank, which is prone to buildup of grime and is difficult to clean, is removable. Both the tank and the cover are dishwasher-safe to allow for thorough cleaning.
Maintain Cleanliness

Optional Accessories

Orthodontic Nozzle WEW0984

The combination of a water jet and the integrated brush head allows easy removal of plaque and food residue from orthodontic braces and bridges.
*Cannot be stored in EW-DJ11.
Orthodontic Nozzle WEW0984

Tongue Care Nozzle WEW0985

Water gently flows from the tip of the nozzle to suppress friction between the tongue and brush, thus reducing brushing damage.
*Cannot be stored in EW-DJ11.
Tongue Care Nozzle WEW0985


Photo of Battery Operated Travel Oral Irrigator EW-DJ11-A451

Size and Weight


*Total height and weight with nozzle. Weight without batteries.

  • Washable for easy maintenanceWashable for easy maintenance

Sized for travel, easy to carry around

Carefully remove food debris from between teeth

Battery operated

150 mL water tank

2 levels of water pressure adjustment

Completely detachable and dishwasher-safe water tank

Water Flow

  • Water Jet

Type and Number of Nozzles

  • Normal 1

Mouth Wash

  • N/A


  • Capacity

    • 150 mL
  • Usage Time

    • 35 s:Level 2


  • 1


  • 2


  • N/A

Max. Pressure

  • 530 kPa

Pump frequency

  • Max. 1,400 pulses/minute


  • Yes(IPX7)


  • Usage time

    • 20 min: Level 2
  • Type

    • Battery
  • Time

    • Battery


  • N/A(DC)

Dish Washer

  • Yes Tank

Main Unit Size (H(w/Nozzle) × W × D)

  • 234(309)×52×57 mmFor Travel: 154×52×57 mm

Main Unit Weight (w/Nozzle)

  • approx. 210 g (wo/Battery)

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