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New 2000W Powerful Hair Dryer EH-NE72 and EH-NE71 Featuring Extra Care with Shine Boost Design and Ion Conditioning


* RSP RM229

* RSP RM199

*RSP – Retail Sales Price

Panasonic is introducing 2000W powerful hair dryers EH-NE72 and EH-NE71 that enable both extra hair care and fast drying from the 2000W Care Series. In addition to 2000W high-powered airflow, the EH-NE72 and EH-NE71 are designed to enhance your hair’s shine and beauty with Shine Boost Design (Cool & Hot Twin Airflow) and ion conditioning. Together with the Fast Dry Series line-up, Panasonic offers a variety of options of 2000W powerful hair dryers to choose from, according to the wide-ranging users’ need.

Shine Boost Design
By blowing hot air from the center and cool air from both sides, the Shine Boost Design sends alternate bursts of hot and cool air to your hair. The dryer heats the hair and then immediately cools it, to regulate the surface temperature and leave the hair smooth and shiny.

Shine Boost Design

Ion Conditioning for Extra Care
A strong airflow packed with ions speed-dries your hair while preserving its natural gloss. Ions coat the surface of each hair, reducing static electricity and leaving the hair smooth and shiny.

Double External Ion Outlets
Ions are discharged from two independent ion outlets. Since these outlets are outside the hot-air nozzle, the ions do not dry out. More moisture is retained and delivered to your hair.

Easy-to-hold Ergonomic Design
The ergonomically designed shape is well-balanced in the weight to achieve a stable hold on the grip.

Pursuit of Comfort in Use

• Specifications are subject to change without notice.
• The effect of styling may vary depending on the hair type of the person.

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