Panasonic Enriches Tomorrow With 45 New Future-Oriented Appliances

Panasonic Enriches Tomorrow With 45 New Future-Oriented Appliances

Panasonic prioritises good health, hygiene and well-being through its “Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow” commitment

Petaling Jaya, 22 September 2022: Panasonic Malaysia today presented its 45 latest consumer product line-up across 9 categories covering Refrigerators, Water Purifier, Rice Cooker, Washing Machines, Home Showers, TVs, Headphone, Vacuum Cleaners and Ceiling Fan. This is part of their continuous endeavour to champion solutions that makes people’s lives simpler, safer, healthier, more enjoyable, more connected, and more productive.

Anchored by its new brand action tagline "Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.", Panasonic places high emphasis on enriching holistic well-being and helping people live their best lives through beneficial, high-quality products.

“Our long-standing mission established by our founder is that our corporation should contribute to society. This new tagline truly represents our goal to enhance the quality of lives of people around the world everyday. We do this through our dedication in creating high-quality products that improve their personal well-being,” said Mr. Keisuke Nishida, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

With the heightened awareness and need to live healthy lives with a priority on hygiene, Panasonic is making it a point to help Malaysians clean safe, eat safe, drink safe, breathe safe and dress safe. This is a nationwide commitment for Malaysians to “Feel Safe Everyday” anytime and anywhere by relying on Panasonic products that offer 360° protection for the whole family’s wellbeing.

Nishida continued, “Malaysian families across generations have relied on Panasonic as a trusted brand to fulfil their home and lifestyle needs for more than a century now. This speaks volumes to the confidence to have in our brand and is what fuels and inspires us to continue designing the right products and solutions that enrich people’s lives and wellbeing.”

The new products launched today fall under three areas of wellbeing – Inner, Outer and Spatial Wellbeing. “Contributing and adding value to the holistic wellbeing of society is the foundation of the new products, Inner Wellbeing” starts from the kitchen through healthy eating while “Outer Wellbeing” focuses on physical hygiene. “Spatial Wellbeing” creates the best experiential and comfortable living atmosphere at home that is safe and clean,” added Nishida.


Inner Wellbeing via the kitchen of tomorrow


1. Mr Keisuke Nishida, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia
2. Mr Fumiaki Tanaka, Director, Consumer Product Marketing & Customer Service of Panasonic Malaysia
3. Mr Liew Choon Wah, Associate Director, Consumer Product Sales of Panasonic Malaysia

Creating harmony with our mind, body and soul stems from nourishment from food. This is why Panasonic focuses on building the kitchen of tomorrow to inculcate a healthy diet and lifestyle that ultimately contributes to inner wellbeing. As wellness begins with healthy eating, Panasonic believes that a kitchen should comprise of convenient cooking solutions that optimise the storage of fresh produce and ease the cooking processes to support a healthy culinary variety.

Panasonic’s PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator (NR-YW590YMMM) is a loyal helper in the kitchen for those who wish to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The new refrigerator features PRIME Freeze, an industrial level freezing that freezes food up to 5 times faster than conventional freezing and seals the freshness and nutrients of produce stored. On busy days, preparing a nutritious meal in a short time is also effortless thanks to its PRIME Fresh function that keeps food softly frozen at -3°C, which eliminates thawing time. The built-in nanoe™ X function, on the other hand, helps degrade pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables.

Panasonic’s Low Sugar Induction Heater (IH) Rice Cooker (SR-HL151KSK) on the other hand reduces starch content, making it a healthier alternative for everyone in the family, including elders, expecting mothers, diabetics or individuals embarking on a healthier lifestyle journey. Fitted with multiple cooking functions and 11 easily accessible menus, Panasonic’s rice cooker is designed to be modern and yet minimal to stand out on the kitchen counter without compromising usability and convenience.

With water being the ultimate source of life that supports all bodily functions, Panasonic’s new series of water purifiers keep drinking waters safe and clean for the whole family. Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer (TK-AS700-WMA) has an advanced 4-stage water purification system that removes 19 harmful substances, 99.9% of viruses & bacteria.

Outer Wellbeing through ultimate physical hygiene

As the world along with perspectives and outlook continue to evolve, one thing remains unchanged is the importance of keeping our external wellbeing safe, hygienic and in the best possible condition. As such, Panasonic aspires for people to make physical cleanliness and health a top priority.

With a big part of hygiene comes from wearing clean clothes, Panasonic built its new series of washing machines to be hygiene experts featuring powerful antibacterial technology. Panasonic’s Washer Dryer (NA-S106FR1BM) is designed to keep everyday wear clean and sanitised for better wellbeing. Its proprietary Blue Ag+ technology eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and offers a powerful antibacterial effect via UV light and Ag ions in a regular wash cycle. This is supported by the StainMaster+ which has a hot wash function to remove the most stubborn stains, as well as eliminates bacteria and 99% of allergens. Hybrid Dry on the other hand takes the worry and hassle out of clothing care from washing to drying. Part of having clean clothes is having a clean washing machine. The Auto TubCare feature sanitises the washing machine tub during a wash cycle with a UV light, offering users easy and effective hygienic washing.

For families who prefer washing machines over washer dryers but still want good drying capabilities, the new Washing Machine (NA-V10FR1) has a Dry Assist function with Hybrid Dry Lite that is equipped with a built-in heater. This is especially useful for urgent daily wear in small amounts like uniforms, work clothes and sportswear.

The root of physical health also comes with having a clean body and as such, Panasonic is introducing its Home Shower U-Series (DH-3UDP1MZ) to make daily showers clean and reliable. Featuring a sleek design, the home shower is built with 9 safety features which include a durable copper heater, built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB) and an insulated structure to help prevent electric shocks, fire and burn. The shower panel is also water-splash proof to protect the internal components, while the Ag+ Crystal Material prevents the growth of bacteria for a more carefree shower experience.

Spatial Wellbeing through enhanced living atmosphere

Comfortable living goes beyond hygiene and takes into consideration the best living atmosphere at home that is safe, clean and with good entertainment. Today, Panasonic’s hometainment solutions have been upgraded to meet the ever-evolving demand for high-definition entertainment in a living space in this digital era.

To deliver the best viewing experience, the new range of Televisions is designed with the latest technology based in the film industry and developed in collaboration with film studios at the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory for more than 20 years. Panasonic worked with the best professional colourists from Hollywood to fine-tune the TVs to bring unparalleled picture quality via its OLED 4K series (TH-77LZ2000K). This is the same OLED that filmmaker studios in Hollywood use in post-production.

For a more personal audio experience, Panasonic’s new B100 Headphones (RZ-B100WDE-K) features an enhanced ergonomic design that allows for a fully immersive audio experience with a long battery life for 16-hour playback. With a 13mm dynamic driver in each earphone, the B100 delivers extra bass for unrivalled sound immersion in a compact package; and is engineered with performance in mind, adhering to IPX4 standard for water and dust resistance.

A comfortable entertainment experience is compromised without good air quality and circulation so to ensure indoor environments are comfortable and free of airborne pollutants and dust, Panasonic introduces its nanoe™ X 5-Blade Ceiling Fan (F-M15ME) that inhibits bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens, pollens and hazardous substances, the comfortable breeze of safe clean air is guaranteed, enabling the very best possible living experience. The ceiling fan further uses a smart eco sensor, ECONAVI, to intelligently detect and reduce energy waste, saving energy consumption up to 64%. ECONAVI is one of Panasonic’s many green initiatives to realise the long-term goals of being Carbon Neutral and creating a Circular Economy.

A clean space is also crucial for peaceful living and with that, Panasonic’s Cyclone Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner (MC-CL609HV47) has an innovative Cyclone System (Advanced MEGA Cyclone) that separates dust and air efficiently, putting away dust in a big 2.2 L dust compartment firmly. The vacuum cleaner additionally provides clean air via a 7-layer filtration system with HEPA filter that is washable to capture dust particles as small as 0.5 micrometres into a dust box, ensuring a clean home for loved one and furry friends.

In a relentless venture to provide a well-rounded, safe, healthy and comfortable lifestyle starting from the home, Panasonic’s products are collectively aimed at realising true Holistic Wellbeing for people.

All new products launched are available for purchase at all authorised Panasonic dealers as well as online platforms and marketplace. With the exception of Washing Machines, Televisions, Headphones and Alkaline Ionizer, which will be available in October.

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