Panasonic launches new futuristic and powerful Inverter Air Conditioners – the SKY SERIES that changes the way you feel cool – an all-new design ready to blow your minds

Bandar Sunway, 3 March 2016 – Panasonic launched the new Radiant Cooling Inverter Air Conditioners, leading the way in innovative design, providing powerful cooling comfort. Introduced today, the SKY SERIES is top of the line, with a new Elite Inverter range and is the latest addition to the total range of air conditioners.

SKY WING is the new flap name for the SKY SERIES. With the new flap design at the top and the new air intake at the bottom, it will draw hot air from the bottom and distribute cool air from the top to cool the ceiling and walls. This innovative cooling system applies the “*Coanda effect” principle to cool down the room by removing heat from ceilings and walls.

* Coanda effect is the tendency of air to cling to surfaces as it flows

Dr Naoshi Kakitsuba from the Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Meijo University, Japan, further verified the effectiveness of Radiant Cooling by explaining that the effects are similar to that of the cooling effects inside a cave.

Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, Mr. Cheng Chee Chung said, “We invest highly on our R & D efforts to continuously improve our product and its functionalities. In a tropical country like ours, we need an effective cooling system to cool down our homes especially during the occasional scorching heat,”

“Advanced technological innovations like fast cooling, reliability, and a healthier living environment is essential for every customer thus prompting us to design our air conditioners to better suit their requirements,” added Cheng.

The SKY SERIES product development embodies the elegance and pursuit of perfection inherent in Panasonic’s design philosophy – Comfort, Health, and Beauty.

The benefits of the SKY SERIES are:

  1. Radiant Cooling prevents overcooling and maintains skin moisture. This is beneficial for bedrooms, so one can wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

  2. Nanoe-G features DUST SENSOR, which constantly monitors particle concentration levels in the air.

  3. Backlit SKY controller has a backlit screen that makes it easier to set adjustments even in the dark. It also comes with precise temperature settings.

Cheng continued, “The air conditioner business in Panasonic Malaysia is the biggest single product category with a sales contribution of 27%. It is indeed vital for us to introduce more variety in our products for continuous opportunities to increase sales. By adding the new elite SKY SERIES to our existing line up, we will definitely provide customers with more choices”.

The SKY SERIES is targeted towards more affluent customers who place great priority in superior features. Launching on 3 March 2016, this air conditioner will be available in stores near you.

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