Supreme 4K Picture Quality with Full Network Connectivity

Panasonic is pleased to announce the high-end 4K LED LCD Life+ Screen AX800 Series of TVs, which combine "Beyond Smart" features and supreme picture quality in a cutting-edge design.

The main feature of the new series is its highly advanced image rendering performance. The AX800 Series features a 4K Ultra HD panel with four times the resolution of Full-HD. An abundance of Panasonic imaging technologies are incorporated to further enhance the beauty of its 4K images. A new Studio Master Colour provides rich, accurate colour reproduction, covering 98% of the DCI standards. Accurate colour expression is also attained in low-brightness parts of the image, to produce colouring that is faithful to the original image. Remarkably high contrast from the Local Dimming Pro is achieved by precisely controlling the backlight. In addition to these functions, the 4K Fine Remaster Engine, which is a dedicated image processor, upconverts low-resolution images to allow almost all images to be viewed in stunning 4K picture quality. Thanks to these technologies, AX800 features THX in 4K Ultra HD.

Another highly distinctive point is the "Beyond Smart" feature that provides an easy-to-use interface with a variety of functions. First, the new Info Bar quickly and conveniently displays newly useful information without even requiring the user to turn on the TV by a proximity sensor coupled with Face Recognition.
my Home Screen, which was introduced in 2013 and gained widespread popularity for enabling users to personalise their home screen, has greatly evolved with the addition of the new my Stream. This allows the TV to learn user preferences and automatically recommend content that is targeted to each person, and Voice Interaction Pro helps the user to find desired content more easily. my Home Cloud further reinforces cloud linkage. It also provides a rich variety of cloud-based apps and home screen templates. And Remote Sharing makes it possible to share video memos, messages, and other information on the home screen through mobile devices while away from home.

Furthermore, the AX800 Series prepares the user for the future with 4K 50/60p single-wire input. 4K 50/60p Input designed based on HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPortTM 1.2a specifications, is compatible with copyrighted HDCP 2.2-compliant content.
H.265 (HEVC) high-quality, high-efficiency content can also be played. This opens the door to connection with the many upcoming devices with terminals for 60p native 4K content.
* DisplayPort is a trademark owned by the Video Electronics Standards Association in the United States and other countries.

The AX800 Series was newly designed based on the concept of Premium Furniture Design. This cutting-edge design concept removes redundant elements to achieve a simple elegance, and glass and metal materials provide an authentically luxurious touch. Together, these elements allow the AX800 Series to blend in naturally with the living space.

With its combination of beautiful 4K images, "Beyond Smart" features, and Premium Furniture Design, the AX800 Series expands the TV experience, and enriches lifestyles.

my Home Screen - A Personalised Gateway and a More Intuitive Home Screen
The home screen can be personalised with the user's favourite apps and content. my Home Screen makes access fast and easy.

my Stream - Seamless, Automatic Content Recommendations
A wide variety of content, such as YouTube, HDD Content and Web Bookmarks, is seamlessly, automatically recommended to the user with this intuitive interface. By using the “my” button on the Touch Pad Remote, the TV conveniently learns the user's content preferences.
* Internet service required. Available content may vary by product, model, and location, and may require fees. Specifications and product information are subject to changed. 

Info Bar - Automatically Displays Useful Information to the User Quickly and Conveniently
A proximity sensor coupled with Face Recognition via the built-in camera work together to instantly and automatically display handy information, such as the weather forecast, messages, notification and a clock.

Voice Interaction Pro - Voice Operation Is Almost Like Talking
Desired content can be quickly searched by using Voice Interaction Pro. Also, Voiceprint Recognition makes the log-in procedure simple and fast.

my Home Cloud - From Downloading Home Screens and Apps, to Storing Data

Panasonic Cloud Technology makes it possible to download a wide variety of content and apps, and to gain access to places for purchasing accessories.

Remote Sharing - The Content on VIERA Can Also Be Shared from Outside the House
A smartphone can be used to share video memos and text messages with VIERA from outside the house. This lets everyone in the family stay in contact.

Studio Master Colour - Vividly Colourful Images from a Wide Colour Gamut
A newly developed, high-colour-space LED backlight achieves a wide colour gamut that approaches the level of a plasma screen, and reproduces colours that are faithful to the original.

Local Dimming Pro - Robust Blacks and Delicate Gradation
Rich gradation is achieved by matching the backlight control and optimising the brightness level to each area. This enables deeper black expression and displays even tiny details in dark scenes with crisp clarity.

4K Fine Remaster Engine - Beautiful Pictures from Virtually Any Source
The use of this high-performance image-processing engine processes corrections more precisely. It refines a variety of images, such as broadcasts, web pages, and virtually all kinds of sources, for excellent picture quality. 

* 4K Ultra HD, the actual resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels.