Pay Closer Attention, Your Safety Depends on It (Counterfeit Products)

Pay Closer Attention, Your Safety Depends on It (Counterfeit Products)

Recently, at online shopping platforms, more and more fake product profiles have popped up claiming to be authentic Panasonic products. We have discovered fake rice cookers and even an air fryer (Panasonic does not make air fryers of such kind). With so many out there it may be hard for some to differentiate fake from real.

But your safety depends on being able to separate real from fake. While authentic Panasonic products are made with your safety as our priority, fake / counterfeit products are not.

Here is how you can make sure to stay ahead of those fakes:

1. Correct Channels:

  • Customers should ensure that they are looking for Panasonic products either directly from Panasonic Official Website or through Panasonic’s authorised partners, listed here:

2. Pay Closer Attention:

  • Especially at online platforms, inspect images, descriptions and profiles closely.
  • Check if the placement of logos or identifying features.
  • Be wary of posts that contain multiple languages haphazardly.

3. Research the Product:

  • Do a check on Panasonic’s official website to see what products we have, what they look like and what specifications they have.
  • For example, Panasonic does not even sell an air fryer but the fake listing has a Panasonic Air Fryer listed.

Counterfeit products do more harm than good and can cost you more at the end of the day. Additionally, Panasonic is not responsible for any accidents resulting in fatalities, personal injuries and/or property damage caused by malfunctions and/or defective parts counterfeit products in any whatsoever way. Our warranties are only valid for products purchased from authorised sales channels.
Be vigilant on your next shopping spree.

1. This announcement is to create awareness against unauthorised use of Panasonic trademarks.
2. Images of products highlighted with Panasonic trademarks are deemed counterfeit (fake).

Sincerely Panasonic.
Safety You Trust. Quality You Deserve.