Tough, Powerful and Leak-Proof, Panasonic’s Evolta Exellence

New & Improved Technology with Anti-Leak Protection, Triple Tough Coating to ensure smooth energy flow and Extra Power Formula for long lasting performance

Petaling Jaya, 30 October 2013 – Panasonic Malaysia unleashed a new generation of Tough and Powerful Alkaline Batteries or better known as Evolta (derived from the words “evolution” and “voltage”). Being one of the long lasting Alkaline batteries in the market, Evolta which are suitable for a wide variety of equipments, continue to deliver high quality user experience, emphasizing on Excellence!

“Continuous research & development have been carried out to continuously improve the performance of Evolta to enhance customers’ experience,” said Yosuke Matsunaga, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

A recent survey conducted by Panasonic * shows that at least 79% of Malaysians have experienced battery leakage and an amazing 33% out of this statistic, experienced damage to their devices due to this leakage.

Matsunaga added, “Our customers today, are very concerned with the quality of the batteries that they use. Constant improvement towards the overall performance is vital as these batteries represent the growth and great power of Panasonic’s battery technology.”

The newly launched Evolta batteries are now packed with new & improved innovations

  1. Anti-Leak Protection - Improvement in Materials & Production Process provides a Safe and Longer-Lasting Power.

  2. Triple Tough Coating - Unique triple layer structure which minimizes oxidation to improve battery contact, thus ensuring a Comfortable Usage at all times.

  3. Extra Power Formula - Panasonic’s original Extra Power Formula have been further improved with key changes done to the High-Reactivity Material to give a Stronger Power.

“Panasonic’s Evolta are able to activate any high-tech devices powerfully, anytime and anywhere. We have also made it our upmost priority to ensure that we will not compromise any safety issues in regards to usage of the newly improved Evolta,” said Matsunaga.

With these new technologies (Anti-Leak Protection, Triple Tough Coating, Extra Power Formula), Panasonic is confident to penetrate into the market, targeting for a 30% sales growth.

Launched simultaneously is the new Solar Lantern. The Solar Lantern, fully rechargeable in 6 hours and emitting light 360 degrees, is convenient and practical as a light source as well as a power source in areas without electricity.

With a built-in rechargeable battery to store solar energy during the day, the lantern provides light at night and can be used as a power source to charge small devices.

Key features of the Solar Lantern are:

  1. 3 modes of switchable Brightness
    High Mode     :-  100lx with usage up to 6 hours
    Middle Mode  :-  40lx with usage up to 15 hours
    Low Mode      :-   6lx with usage up to 90 hours
  2. Multi-function purposes, suitable to be used in Schools, Hospitals, Homes and Shops.
  3. USB port for charging of Mobile Phone or other appliances with USB connectors.

Matsunaga also added, “As a part of our corporate citizenship activities, Panasonic launched the 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project. Panasonic aims to supply 100,000 solar lanterns to the people in regions around the world without electricity by 2018 which is coincidentally our company’s 100th anniversary”.


Survey Overview  
  Sample number: 3,000 people (500 people x 6 countries)
Applicable products: Dry cell
Sample distribution: 16 to 19 yrs old, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s
batteries                               (half men, half women)
Survey method: Web questionnaire Countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, USA, and China
Duration: August to September, 2012  

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