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CD And DVD Drive

Question1. Where could I get a copy of Panasonic CD-ROM player, KXL-D series software driver?

Please download from http://www.panasonic.co.jp.8002/saga/english/cdrom.htmopens new window.
Software driver for Window NT is only available for KXL-D740 and KXL-D783A

Question2. Where could I get a copy of software driver for any of the following products.Panasonic CD-ROM drive, model CR-000 Panasonic DVD drive, model FWS-000 Panasonic LS-120FDD,model FWS-000?

Please download from our MEI website http://www.mei.mke.jp.coopens new window.

Question3. Why is my toner cartridge or process unit last less than the recommended life span(i.e. number of pages printed)?

The recommended life span is based on the printing of a standard document with 3% of image area. If you print documents with greater image area, the total number of pages printed would be proportionally less than that of the recommended figures.