Mobile Phone

Question1. How do I “unlock” Phone Lock?

In Standby mode, key in the 4-digit Phone Lock number and select OK.
The default Phone Lock number is 0000. When keying the numbers, note that it will not appear on the screen. After 3 failed attempts, you will need to send your phone to Panasonic Customer Care Center to reset the Phone Lock number.

Question2. How do I retrieve my SIM card PIN?

Kindly contact your mobile phone operator (i.e. SingTel, M1 or StarHub).

Question3. Why is it that I can receive SMS but not send SMS?

Please select:

Message / Parameters / enter the Message Centre Number
Operator : Message Centre Number
M1 : +6596845997
SingTel : +6596197777
StarHub : +6598540020

Question4. How do I retrieve my mobile phone's IMEI number?

During standby mode, press *#06#

Question5. How can I find out what's my mobile phone's software version?

Switch off and then switch on the phone.
While the phone is searching for network, press ✏#

Question6. How do I activate vibration?

During standby mode, press # and hold.

Question7. How do I transfer contacts from the SIM Phonebook to the Mobile Phonebook?

Please select:

Contact from SIM Phone book / Edit
Resave to Mobile Phonebook