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Question1. Why the washing machine does not spin properly?

It can be caused by the followings: Lid cover is not closed properly; drain hose outlet level is higher and uneven wash load etc. When the laundry was unbalanced during spinning time, rinsing and automatic correcting of unbalanced clothing will occur and spinning process will resume later.

Question2. Why are there black stains on clothes after washing?

May be your washing machine is dirty due to the residual accumulated through times and need to be overhauled. The possibility is that, a build up caused by interaction of fabric softener and detergent which can flake off from washing machine tub and stains the clothes. Try to dilute and dissolve the softener before putting it into the machine to reduce such black stains.

Question3. Why does the pulsator of the washing machine rotated in one direction during washing?

The PCB could be faulty. OR the mechanism case is faulty.

Question4. Although the water can fill the tub of the washing machine, but the flow will not stop, Why?

Likely problem could be due to pressure/sensor switch faulty or the air hose is leaking. OR the PCB is faulty.

Question5. Water can fill the tub of the washing machine but it does not wash, Why?

Likely cause could be the malfunction of the motor or PCB.

Question6. The power was turned on, but the water could not flow into the washing machine's tub.

Please check if the water tap was turned on. OR there is blockage on the inlet hose to the feed valve's filter. Please clear the blockage. OR feed valve and/or PCB could be faulty.

Question7. Why is the motor noisy during the spin process of the washing machine?

The washing machine could have stood on an uneven flooring. You will need to adjust the adjustable leg/s of the washing machine to stabilise it. OR the clothing is unevenly spread in the wash tub. You will need to stop the operation and spread the clothing evenly.

Question8. Why is the clothing still wet after the spin process of the washing machine was completed?

The outlet hose could have been lifted higher than the washing machine's drain outlet, hence causing a restriction for the water to flow out of the outlet hose.

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Care For Your Product
Power Cord

Never disconnect the cable cord by pulling the cable. You should hold the plug as you pull it out.
Never place heavy objects on the cable or allow it to br pinched by the unit.
Never use a damaged cable cord.

Do not put the machine in the bathroom.

This is the place where a lot of moisture or trapped water which would cause the insulation to deteriorate, risk of electrical shock and overheating or breakdown due to rust.

Clothing which cannot be washed

Do not wash or spin dry clothing which has gasoline, kerosene, benzine as these are flammable which could cause explosion or fire.

Do not allow children to play with the wash tub or spinner.

Be especially careful with small children because there is a risk that they might fall into the tub.

Do not use water hotter than 50 degree C.

The plastic parts will deform thus resulting in breakdown.

If machine is installed on the carpet does not block any openings.

The washing machine should be installed on a sturdy floor with maximum permissible of 2 degree inclination only.

Never put your hand in the tub while it's operating.

Never touch the laundry while spin is turning.

If the spinner does not stop within 15 seconds after lifting the lid cover, stop usage and call for service man to repair the set.

Do not put your hands under the washing machine as there is a rotating mechanism.