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Lighting Up Non-Electrified Areas

The solar lantern, fully rechargeable in six hours and emitting light 360 degrees, is convenient and practical as a light source as well as a power source in areas without electricity.



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Large solar panel for rapid charging

In fine conditions, the 3.5W solar panel can replenish the lamp battery in just six hours. Users can select from three brightness settings for 360° illumination and up to 90 hours operation (on “low” at six lumens), or six hours operation on “high” (100 lumens).

USB charging for mobile devices

USB charging for mobile devices

The lamp unit features a 5V, 500 mA USB port to recharge mobile devices such as compatible smartphones. A mobile phone with a 700mAh capacity battery can be fully charged in approximately two hours*. The fully-charged lantern can provide enough power to charge such a mobile phone once or twice*.

*Estimated by Panasonic assuming an output of 6.5V/0.5A. Actual charging time and the number of possible charges will vary depending on such factors as ambient temperature and the type of mobile phone.

360 degree illumination with 3 brightness modes

The lantern contains five LEDs and is designed to emit light 360 degrees. This wide emission angle makes it suitable for use in everyday life such as at family dinners and for children studying. With a touch of button on the lantern, the brightness can be adjusted between High (100 lx), Medium (40 lx) and Low (6 lx). The lantern has a handle, which allows for flexibility in setting up the light. It can be hung in the room, placed on a table or carried with the user.

IP34* - Rated protection against dust and water

The Solar LED Lantern can be used safely in the rain, as it comes with an ingress protection rating of IP34* set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for dust and water resistance.
The Solar LED Lantern has been awarded the Good Design Award 2013, which is organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion, and the IAUD Award 2013 which is organized by International Association for Universal Design.

* Protected against solid objects, like tools and wires, greater than 2.5 mm in diameter or thickness as well as water spray from any direction. The lantern is not protected against submersion in water.


Short charging time by big solar panel
3.5 W solar panel enables full charge in 6 hours
Mobile Phone Rechargeable
5V 500mA
Water Protection
Portable Separate Occasional rain: IPx1

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