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Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aesthetic Massager EH-HE94RP421


Scalp Massager

Our original four-finger spiral massage gives you a totally new "scalp spa treatment" experience. Can be used either wet or dry. You can enjoy a scalp spa treatment at home whenever you want.


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Equipped with a variety of functions

- Keeps your scalp clean.
- Waterproof so you can use it in the shower.
- Select from a total of 3 modes (High, Low, Rhythmic)

4-Finger Spiral Movement

The carefully calculated motion takes hints from manual techniques used at a head spa or salon. Constantly lifting and pressing your scalp, the four-disc rotating brush head deeply relaxes you and promotes a healthy scalp.

4-Disc Rotating Massage Brush Head

4-Disc Rotating Massage Brush Head

4-disc rotating massage brush heads stay in close contact with your scalp and each brush head rotates independently. Use it when washing your hair as it helps to remove more dirt from your scalp to keep it clean and refreshed.

Unique “strong/weak alternating rhythmic mode”

We've developed a function that varies the rotation speed to create a strong/weak alternating rhythmic mode. You can enjoy an even more comfortable scalp spa treatment.

High mode: Quick Motion (150 rotations/min)
Low mode: Slower Motion (110 rotations/min)

How to Use Scalp Care Brush

* When using for the first time, set to Low and check the scalp’s reaction to stimulation.
* To protect the scalp, the brush shuts off automatically when pressed too firmly.
* As a rule, use once daily for 4 minutes.

Scalp Care for Beautiful Skin and Hair

Scalp Care for Beautiful Skin and Hair

The scalp is the basis for hair growth and shares a border with facial skin. Using scalp care brush while washing your hair removes dirt and keep scalp clean and refreshed.

Recommended for those who:
• want easy scalp care at home
• overwork their eyes and head on daily basis
• Find a saloon visit is too expensive
• Want a more relaxing bath time.


Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aesthetic Massager EH-HE94RP421
Wet / Dry Use
3 modes selection
High, Low, Rhythmic

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