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[DISCONTINUED] Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush (Ionic) EW-DE92-S751


The Power of Ionic Technology

Achieve healthy oral beauty with the latest
in medical dentistry


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Ionic technology

Ionic technology

The brush head with electrode section generates ions in the oral cavity that takes care of stains and plaque.

Linear drive high-speed vibrations

Some 31,000 brush strokes a minute generate high-speed sonic vibrations for a new, clean, smooth, comfortable experience.

Sonic vibration brush

Brushes along the gumline gently with fine, horizontal vibrations generated by brush movements about 1mm wide.

Triple-edged brush for oral beauty

Triple-edged brush for oral beauty

The triple-edged brush effectively takes care of stains and plaque. No need to bother with fiddly attachments. Achieve total oral care with daily brushing alone.
1.Triple-edged bristles for areas between teeth.
2.Ionic stain care brush consists of diamond shaped bristles.
3.Extra fine bristles for between teeth and gums.

Tongue cleaning

The bumps on the silicone head remove the debris on the tongue that causes bad breath.

Brush timer

Toothbrush temporarily pauses once every 30 seconds for recommended brushing time.

Soft start function

Toothbrush powers-on uses gentle movement for 2 seconds, before reaching normal amplitude.

Low battery indicator

Brush docks into stand to charge


For easy cleaning

Four selectable brushing modes

• White mode
• Soft mode
• Sensitive mode
• Gum care mode


[DISCONTINUED] Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush (Ionic) EW-DE92-S751
Brush timer
Low battery Indicator
Four selectable brushing modes




Ionic Stain care brush



Ionic two-way silicone brush



Point brush

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