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Centralised Control Systems

Centralised Control Systems

Controllers and Management System

Image: Controllers and management system
Interfaces for External Controllers

Interfaces for External Controllers



Image: System Controller CZ-64ESMC3

System Controller

Image: ON/OFF Controller CZ-ANC3

ON/OFF Controller

Image: Intelligent Controller CZ-256ESMC3

Intelligent Controller


Total Air Conditioning Management System

Image: P-AIMS Basic Software CZ-CSWKC2

P-AIMS Basic Software

Image: P-AIMS Optional Software

P-AIMS Optional Software


System Controller

Power supply: AC 100 to 240 V
I/O part:
Remote input part (effective voltage:DC24V) All operation, All stop, Demand 1, Demand 2
Remote output part (non voltage contact) Operation, Alarm (external power supply within DC 30V, max 0.5A)
Total wiring length : 1 km

Image: System controller CZ-64ESMC3 and its dimensions

Individual controls possible for a maximum of 64 groups, 64 indoor units.

Controls 64 indoor units divided into 4 zones. (One zone can have up to 16 groups, and one group can have up to 8 units.)

Available controls

ON/OFF, operation mode, fan speed, air flow direction, operation monitoring, alarm monitoring, ventilation, remote controller local operation prohibition, etc.

Available for joint use with a remote controller, an intelligent controller, etc.

The maximum number of connectable system controllers is 10, including other central controllers on the same circuit.

Control of systems without a remote controller and of main/sub systems (a total of up to 2 units) is possible.

Weekly timer function

• 8 programs per day (with ON/OFF/Mode/Temperature/Central control setting items) for 1week (7days) can be set.
• Special holiday settings can ignore the timer operation temporarily while keeping the original timer setting. (Special holiday settings can be removed by the same setting.)

5 types of energy saving functions

Set temperature automatic return / Set temperature range limitation / Off remind / Off timer operation / Demand control timer.

A control mode corresponding to the use condition can be selected from 10 patterns.

A: Operation mode: Central control mode or remote control mode can be selected.
Central control mode: The system controller is used as centralized control device. (Setting from a remote controller can be prohibited by prohibiting local operation from the system controller.)
Remote control mode: The system controller is used as a remote controller. (Setting from the system controller can be prohibited by prohibiting local operation from another central control unit.)

B: Controlled unit number mode: All mode or zone 1, 2, 3, 4 mode can be selected.
All mode: All, zone, or group unit can be selected.
Zone 1, 2, 3, 4 mode: Setting is possible only for the indoor units of zone 1, 2, 3, 4.

Image: Connection example table
Image: System configuration of the system controller

Prohibition setting for remote controller operation

In case of joint use with a wireless remote controller, there are limitations for the control mode. Please use only with setting “Permit” and “Prohibit1 (prohibition for ON/OFF)”.

* Contents for Prohibit 1~4 can be modified.

✓ : Operation from the remote controller is possible.
— : Operation from the remote controller is prohibited.

Image: Prohibition setting table

ON/OFF Controller

Power supply: AC 100 to 240 V
I/O part:
Remote input (effective voltage: within DC 24 V): All ON/OFF
Remote output (allowable voltage: within DC 30 V): All ON, All alarm

16 groups of indoor units can be controlled.

Collective control and individual group (unit) control can also be performed.

Up to 8 ON/OFF controller (4 main, 4 sub) can be installed in one link system.

The operation status can be determined immediately.

Image: ON/OFF Controller CZ-ANC3 and its dimensions

Intelligent Controller

Power supply: AC 100 to 240 V (50/60 Hz)
LCD: 10.4 in. TFT, XGA(1024 x 768), LED backlight

10.4 in., Large, easy-to-use color LCD with smartphone like operations, such as swiping and flicking

Enhanced energy-saving control functions

• Packed with demand functions
• Set temperature auto return settings, Auto shutoff, Set temperature range limit settings

Energy Visualization

• Displays electricity & gas usage distribution
• Supports energy-saving plans with graph display function

Image: Intelligent Controller CZ-256ESMC3 and its dimensions

Max 256 indoor unit [4 links x 64 units] can be controlled. In case of three or more systems [more than 128 units], a communication adaptor CZ-CFUNC2 must be installed for three or more links.

Operation is possible as a batch, in zone units, and in group units.

ON/OFF, operation mode setting, temperature setting, for fan speed setting, air flow direction setting (when used without a remote controller) and remote controller local operation prohibition [prohibition 1,2,3,4] can be done.

Graph display [trends, comparisons]


Outdoor unit quiet operation ON/OFF

Energy-saving functions

Limitation contents for prohibited operation

Prohibited operation limits the operation content available from the remote control. It is also possible to customize prohibition items.

Limitation contents
(Limitations can be user defined)

✓ : Operation from the remote controller is possible.
— : Operation from the remote controller is prohibited.

Image: Prohibition setting table

Remote Control

The LAN terminal on this unit enables you to connect it to a network. Connecting to the internet will enable you to operate the unit and check the status using a PC from a remote location. Display image on the PC is the same design as the controller unit.

Image: PC screen of operation status

System Configuration

The following is an example of a system configuration.

Image: System configuration of the intelligent controller

Communication Adaptor

Required when more than 129 indoor units are connected.

Image: Communication Adaptor CZ-CFUNC2

P-AIMS Basic Software

Up to 1024 indoor units can be controlled by one PC

Functions of basic software

• Standard remote control for all indoor units
• Multiple timer schedule programs can be set on the calendar
• Detailed information display for alarms
• CSV file output with alarm history and operating status
• Automatic data backup to HDD

Upgradeable with 4 optional software depending on individual requirements

Image: P-AIMS Basic Software CZ-CSWKC2

Ideal for large areas/buildings

The P-AIMS is ideal for large areas/buildings such as shopping centers, universities, office buildings, etc. A PC installed with the “P-AIMS” can connect up to 8 Communication Adaptors enables to control a maximum of 1024 indoor units.

Image: System configuration of the P-AIMS with the indoor units

Recommended Computer Specs (Desktop type)

Operating System

• Windows 10 Pro 64bit
• Windows 8.1 Professional 64bit


• Intel Core™ i5-6500 3.20GHz or higher (Recommended computer)
• Intel Core™ i7-7700 3.60GHz or higher (When installing Layout Display Software or using 512 or more indoor units)


8GB or larger


SSD (Solid State Drive) 250GB or larger

Monitor (Built-in speaker)

• 1920 × 1080 (full HD) Recommended (1280 × 1024 (SXGA) minimum)
• 1920 × 1080 (full HD) Required when installing Layout Display Software

External HDD

500GB or larger (An external power supply type is preferable because the HDD will be used for backing up data.)


Network adaptor equipped machine (when Web Software or BACnet Communication Software installed)

UPS (Field Supply)

Select a UPS with a sine output wave form

P-AIMS Optional Software

for load distribution

Load distribution calculation for each tenant

• Air-conditioner load distribution ratio is calculated for each unit (tenant) with used energy consumption data (m3, kWh).
• Calculated data is stored with CSV type file.

Image: CZ-CSWAC2 for load distribution

for web application

Web access & control from remote station

• Accessing P-AIMS software from remote PC.
• You can monitor/operate FSV systems by using Web browser (Internet Explorer).

Image: CZ-CSWWC2 for web application

for object layout display

Whole system can be controlled visually

• Operating status monitor is available on the layout display.
• Object layout and indoor unit locations can be checked at once.
• Each unit can be controlled by a virtual remote controller on the display.
• Maximum of 4 layout screens can be shown at once.

Image: CZ-CSWGC2 for object layout display

for BACnet software interface

Connectable to BMS system

• Can communicate with other equipment by BACnet protocol.
• FSV systems can be controlled by both BMS and P-AIMS.
• Max 255 indoor units can be connected to 1 PC (that has P-AIMS basic & BACnet software).

Image: CZ-CSWBC2 for BACnet software interface
Image: Interfaces for external controllers

Interfaces for External Controllers


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