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An image of a woman using a smartphone app to control her indoor air conditioner from outdoors and live comfortably

Smart Energy – Always Fresh, Always Efficient

Maximize energy efficiency through Comfort Cloud. Pre-cool your living spaces while ensuring freshness and safety, day and night.

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Gain insights and control your energy consumption

Manage your energy consumption and electricity cost

Monitor your daily, monthly, and yearly energy consumption and electricity cost to track your usage and effectively plan your budget.

  • Analyze energy trends by day, month, and year.
  • Input your electricity rate for personalized insights.
  • Track all devices’ energy use effortlessly.
An image of people monitoring their energy consumption with a smartphone or computer to check their usage

Connected, fresh, and protected

Purify your home all day long with nanoe™ X

Maintenance-free, and with both cooling and fan modes, nanoe™ X gives you cleaner air or less running cost.

An image of 24-hour nanoe™ X protection

Visualize your nanoe™ X coverage

Feel safe when you can visualize the coverage of nanoe™ X in your space through a simulation.
*Limited models only
*The simulation is based on the conditions for the simulation and it may differ from the concentration measured in an actual room.

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An image of simulation visualization of nanoe™ X spreading into space

Inside Clean, now on demand

Inside Clean works to remove moisture, releasing nanoe™ X and keeping the inside of your air conditioner clean and dry. Simply switch it on with a single touch and keep your main unit clean.
*Limited models only.

An image of keeping the air conditioner body clean by emitting nanoe™ X with just one touch of a switch

Experience better connection with the Comfort Cloud app

Time-saving unified control

With Comfort Cloud there’s no need to individually adjust your air conditioning units when you’re leaving the house or returning home. Instead, turn them all on or off with a tap.

An image of air conditioner operation from outside using Comfort Cloud

Easy scheduling

Plan your air purification and air conditioning schedule with our easy-to-use timer, so you can save energy, and enjoy a better environment without the fuss.

An image of easily planned air cleaning and air conditioning schedules using the schedule function

Fast repairs and maintenance

In the event of a fault, check your error code so you can arrange a speedy, straightforward repair.

An image of being able to check the error code and arrange for a speedy, straightforward repair if a malfunction occurs

Note: Images as of November 2021.


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