The world's first compact camera with

600mm F2.8 lens*

*As of July 18, 2012.



The glorious history of the FZ Series began in 2002 with the DMC-FZ1, which was equipped with a full-range F2.8 12x optical zoom lens (35mm camera equivalent: 35-420mm). Ten years later, the DMC-FZ200 was released, celebrating the Series’ memorial year. In this model, the full-range F2.8 focal length was extended to an astonishing 600mm (35mm camera equivalent: 25-600mm) and a focal length of 25mm was achieved on the wide-angle side. As a compact and lightweight camera with a focal range equivalent to multiples of huge replacement SLR lenses, the DMC-FZ200 added unprecedented levels of flexibility and agility to field shooting.