Changing Photography

Creating a new photo culture in the digital era.

Photographs tug at our hearts, move our emotions, and can drive our societies.

Photographs stir our memories, bring smiles to our faces, and enrich our lives.

Digital technologies have continued to evolve, bringing photographs even closer to our daily lives. Advanced technology and innovation propel photographic possibilities, steadily creating a new photographic culture. This is the core of the LUMIX brand philosophy.
We yearn to achieve richer societies through the beauty of photographs and images, as a brand that supports this evolution with attractive cameras and lenses.

Pursuing Photographic Quality and the Essence of the Camera Pursuing Photographic Quality and the Essence of the Camera

Pursuing Photographic Quality and the
Essence of the Camera

To preserve the magnificent moments of our lives, and to help professional photographers capture ideal compositions, we insist on achieving the highest possible image quality. More than simply processing digital data, we aim for stunning photographs that portray the activities of the subject against the flow of time. We work to faithfully reflect the photographer's intention in each and every image. We seek nuances of sensitivity in bokeh and 3-dimensional effects that are more than simply mathematical calculations.
In order to bring lifelike form to these images, we polish optical technologies to render the spirit of craftsmanship, and further refine the digital technologies that we have accumulated. We will continue to bring the photographer's intention and feeling to life in the ultimate photographs and images.


Creating a New Photographic and Image Culture

Since the birth of LUMIX in 2001, we have continued to challenge the creation of various aspects of photographic culture. We are in search of a world with minimal photographic errors, where anyone can easily take beautiful photos. Moving away from large, heavy, complicated systems, we developed the world's first compact, lightweight, mirrorless system that enables shooting virtually anywhere. We have helped to expand websites where users post video content, and contributed to video production with a 4K video shooting function, bringing innovation in photographic and image culture to a variety of fields.

Internet advances have also greatly changed the environment surrounding photographs. In addition to media diversification, the style of viewing photographs has expanded, and the number of people who are able to enjoy high-quality photographs and images has increased. In addition to optical technologies, we have helped to advance digital and AI technologies. We can now take photos that were not previously possible, and pursue expressions that were impossible before. And we will continue to create new aspects in photographic and image culture in the future.


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Since the birth of LUMIX, I have been in charge of component development of items such as image processing engines, AF signal processing, and image stabilization. This was hard work, but my technical development efforts were rewarded by the knowledge that I was helping people to enjoy new forms of photography and I was pleased to offer our customers new value. Now that I have reached the top position within the LUMIX brand, this feeling is even stronger. While insisting on the highest possible image quality, which is the essence of the camera, We want to be involved in innovation that provides users with new forms of photographic and image expression, and new photo experiences.

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