Design Philosophy
Design Philosophy

LUMIX DESIGN aspires to create tools

that respond to the passion of the photographer.

Form and function give shape to the heart’s emotions;

every part feels right and precisely where it needs to be.

Hands sure of what to do enable eyes to stay fixed on the subject.

In forming the ideal tool, our aim is to create a camera

you can use instinctively with precision control

for maximum shooting pleasure. 



Like a chisel in the hands of a master carpenter, or a brush wielded by an expert calligrapher, tools are carefully refined to enable excellence.


Turning motion into art, the best tools feel familiar to hand and heart. Certain tools even become irreplaceable extensions of the self. Elegantly refined, appealing far beyond their function, authentic photographic tools possess ineffable power and beauty. This is the spirit that animates the LUMIX S Series. 

A Tool for Absorbed Operation

Design Philosophy Design Philosophy

"Masterpiece" shots with exactly the desired results are born from responding to the passion of the moment. They are achieved by concentrating on subjects, scenes, and movements without being conscious of the operation. To attain this level of absorption, we carefully analyze each operation in measurements down to a tenth of a millimeter in pursuit of the optimal operational layout and ease of use. The most important point here is not thecamera operation. Rather, it is concentrating on scene transitions and changes in the subject's expression, to produce the best possible shot. LUMIX aims to be a behind-the-scenes supporter in this process.

There are times when you need to shoot in an unstable location with poor footing. And times when you have to wait for the perfect shot. Error-free operation ensures that you won't miss that moment regardless of when or how it comes. To achieve this, we create countless prototypes and conduct repeated verifications. Naturally, thesetests include stability and gripping comfort, and consider ease of carrying. They also extend to the form and pitch of the camera's surface, the engagement of the fingers, and the shape of the dials and lens ring knurling. The shape and protrusion amount of all buttons and levers, and the tactile feel when they are pressed are carefully verified. Easy operation and comfort as a tool are confirmed and fully incorporated in the design.

Design Philosophy

Appealing and Responding to the Photographer's Sensitivity

A moment often comes when the subject's ideal smile is framed by a stunning background scene. In such a case, we consider the camera to be an important interface in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to capture the scene in all its natural beauty. While placing the priority on immersion, both in the subject and its surroundings, and displaying all the necessary information, we aim for a comfortable Graphical User Interface (GUI) that doesn't interfere with the intended shot.
We also pay careful attention to "sounds," such as the shutter sound, focus sound, and other operating sounds. Similar to the GUI, after eliminating distracting sounds that interfere with shooting, we pursue sounds that provide the camera with an uplifting sensation as a tool, and other sensually pleasant sounds.



LUMIX Design Philosophy  “無心”- Shaping Emotions –

LUMIX S Series Design Story