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3 Reasons to Get the Mommy Must-have: A New Refrigerator

3 Reasons to Get the Mommy Must-have: A New Refrigerator

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I’m a wife to a man who appreciates a good homecooked meal. I’m also a mom to three little boys who are intent on eating all day long! So, my kitchen and dining table are very busy places filled with love and food. It’s the stuff happy family dreams are made of, and if it’s the kind of dream you’d want to see come true, too, I highly recommend buying the best refrigerator you can afford. 

3 Reasons to Get the Mommy Must-have: A New Refrigerator

Mommy must-have: a new refrigerator! 

A refrigerator? Yes! Any stove can cook up a storm and any oven can bake and roast to your heart’s delight, but if you want healthy food that will stay fresh for your family to enjoy, you must invest in a refrigerator. And not just any refrigerator will do, and probably not the refrigerator you inherited from your parents. Here are why you need a new one: 

1. You need to be energy efficient. If your refrigerator is older than 10 years, it’s consuming a lot of energy. Not very cool in our climate crisis times! Energy-efficient appliances use less energy to do the same tasks, like the Panasonic Refrigerator with Inverter technology (which also gives quick, powerful cooling!). That means a lot of benefits for the environment but for you, that means lower electricity costs. What’s even better is, Panasonic Refrigerators also have ECONAVI which is a high-precision sensor technology that allows for efficient, automatic operation to match room conditions. Having a refrigerator with Inverter and ECONAVI means you get to enjoy more savings compared to regular Inverter refrigerators! Cool, right? 

2. You need your food to stay fresh longer. Refrigerators keep food from spoiling by lowering the temperature so that bacteria can’t thrive. And food can be kept fresh even longer with the Prime Fresh Freezing compartment of Panasonic Refrigerators. This is a unique technology that softly freezes food faster at -3°C, retaining its original freshness for up to 7 days. Panasonic Refrigerators also have the Ag Clean feature that removes 99.9% of mold and bacteria. In short, you’re assured of fresh food all the time!

3. You need less time in the kitchen. Refrigerators are good at freezing things but when it’s time to cook, a rock-solid slab of meat is not what you want. With the Prime Fresh Freezing feature of Panasonic Refrigerators, meats are soft frozen, so you can cook your meals faster because you don’t waste time defrosting. That means more time for enjoying your homecooked meals with your family! 

3 Reasons to Get the Mommy Must-have: A New Refrigerator

Fresh, healthy food any time, any day with Prime Fresh Freezing 

For fresh food anytime, get a new refrigerator, and a Panasonic Refrigerator should be on the top of your list. Browse different models to find one that best suits your needs and get to know more about the technologies that make the Panasonic Refrigerator your perfect partner to serve up freshness to your family all the time. Just like I do! 

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