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Life at Home with My New Refrigerator

Life at Home with My New Refrigerator

Made with Nikki Tiu 


Pre-motherhood, I was a either a dine out type of girl or a food delivery maven. Today, as a mom of a 6-year-old adorable boy, I’ve transformed into a "chef" at my own humble home.

Life at Home with My New Refrigerator

Chef Nikki at your service

I plan my meals by listing down the dishes for the whole week on Sunday night. Come Monday, I buy all the ingredients either at the supermarket or at the wet market.

Buying 7 days’ worth of ingredients, I obviously need help in storing them! With my new Panasonic Refrigerator with Prime Fresh Freezing, I can easily keep my ingredients fresh and create meals that taste great! Meals served with alaga, as how my husband and kid would say.

Life at Home with My New Refrigerator

More storage space for my week-long meal planning with my new Prime Fresh Refrigerator 

Let me share with you the key reasons that made me fall in love with this refrigerator! 

Prime Fresh Freezing

Prime Fresh Freezing is unlike any other! Prime Fresh Freezing is -3°C soft freezing which does not damage cells, so nutrients and flavors of meats last longer and can stay fresh for up to 7 days. With that, I noticed that the meats never have unpleasant odors caused by oxidation and microbial degradation. 

Life at Home with My New Refrigerator

This special compartment is the secret for busy moms who still want to provide the best alaga for their family through cooking 

The best part about this feature is how a busy mom like me can bring out meat fresh from the refrigerator straight to cutting or slicing then seasoning without the need for defrosting. That saves me a lot of time and effort!

Easy to cook, easy to cut meats – here we go!

Easy to cook, easy to cut meats – here we go! 

One thing I also noticed when I changed our refrigerator is that the meals have become tastier! This is because there’s no need to defrost which can affect the flavor of the meat and even wash away the nutrients. I wish I discovered this sooner! So now, I'm sharing this information with moms out there who want the tastiest, freshest, and healthiest meals for their family.

Life at Home with My New Refrigerator

Cooking at home made easier, every day

Extra Hygienic Storage 

Panasonic refrigerators also have Ag Clean that deactivates 99.9% of mold and bacteria, while an active enzyme removes unpleasant odors.

Life at Home with My New Refrigerator

Fruits and veggies are kept fresh, with their nutrients intact 

Energy Saving 

When it comes to refrigerator shopping, energy savings will always be one of the key factors to help seal the deal! Don't fret as the Panasonic Prime Fresh Refrigerator has Inverter + ECONAVI for efficient energy saving. The inverter delivers dramatic energy savings while keeping noise low, and ECONAVI is basically a high-precision sensor technology that allows for efficient, automatic operation to match room conditions.

Life at Home with My New Refrigerator

Bye-bye high electricity bills with this new refrigerator 

Looks Great! 

I won't deny it, I also love that our new refrigerator looks so gorgeous in our kitchen! The sleek look on the outside yet extremely spacious interior won our hearts!

Because of this new addition to our kitchen, I find myself looking forward to creating more healthy meals every day! I now find myself searching for more healthy meal recipes because I can store more ingredients that stay fresh for 7 days or more.

With our new refrigerator, my family noticed how the pechay and cabbage stay crunchy even after cooking. They also mentioned how my fried chicken fillet stay tender and juicy on the inside even when it was stored for several days in the refrigerator. And that my gambas dish now tastes even better than those in restaurants because of how fresh the shrimps taste! Aside from that, my husband noticed how I don't panic as much when I get stuck in traffic because I can skip the defrosting part in my cooking routine.

My life has become easier with my Panasonic Prime Fresh Refrigerator. I’m happier and more relaxed now that I get to spend more time with my son. I have time to tutor him, play with him, and even watch TV with him before dinner time because I can easily whip up meals in less than 30 minutes. Hello to efficiency and goodbye to 2-hour meal preps!

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